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30 July 2008


I know I haven't been updating my blog again. With the moving and all that happened, I just couldn't find the time to write anything.

I am back in KK since last Sunday. On Saturday, while I was playing golf with the boys, I missed a call from my dad. I called him back to ask him what's up but he didn't answer. Naturally, I called mom and asked her why did my dad call? So my mom went on & on telling me how badly ill my grandmother was, and that she looked worse than the last time I visited her in end of April and it could be time...

I panicked! I went home crying and checked MAS online to see if I could get a flight back to KK that day. I waited for Bo to come home and discussed with him on the possibilities of getting me back to KK the earliest. The earliest flight I could get on was on Sunday and very early in the morning, Bo came to send me off to the airport for my flight. It wasn't a pleasant flight, maybe because I was nervous about my grandma.

But it wasn't until Tuesday that my dad, my mom, me & my sis headed for grandma's home. We had to leave later than expected because we had to get some medication for her. I didn't realize that my grandma's condition has worsen since the last time I visited. The sight of her made my heart ache. I know she's old and that she has lived her life to the fullest (in her own mean) but somehow, seeing her in that fragile state made me want to do anything I could to make her pain disappear.

I am saddened but I have come to term with the fact that somehow, we are going to lose our loved ones. I'm just hoping that she's not suffering as it happens...

24 July 2008

A moving experience...

Ever since Bo & me decided on the third house we viewed, I knew I had to start doing my jobs. Moving is not easy... It is easier to just start afresh. Just buy new stuffs, rather than bringing the old ones to the new house and stress on it.

I managed to get a good quote from an ex-colleague who happens to run his own relocation business now. So, relocating the household goods were all taken care of. It's just that some very personal items I had to pack myself. I wouldn't want the packers to pack my sexy nighties and underwear, right? Or, steal some of the condoms I put in the bedroom drawer.. :)

Then came the stressful part. That was to call Astro, TM and the banks for change of address. Calling the banks were easy, basically all the damage it did was the phone bills. TM & Astro stressed me a little. Luckily, Astro was very professional and they managed to do everything in the same day. I got to view the astro almost right away. TM was a bit slow. I went to TMPoint a couple of days before the actual move date. I filled up the forms and they told me they will be contacting me in a couple of days for re-installation of the telephone line and re-activating of Streamyx. It took them almost a week to get the job done! But no matter how long it took, the most important thing is it is done and I could surf the internet again...

The moving bit took only a day, cleaning and re-arranging of furnitures actually took more than a week. In fact, up to today I am still not happy and comfortable with the arrangement of my things. The saddest part is that my shoes & bags have to be put in a box in the storeroom since I don't have enough wardrobe space for them. Almost 80% of my chinas & cutleries have to be stored in the trunk since the kitchen has no proper cabinet or storage at all. It may take years for me to make this place homely for me, as it was the case with the apartment. I don't really bother actually because this house is just on rental, we haven't decided on purchasing it yet. Maybe we'll get a house at the new housing development instead, it looks more modern.

For the time being, I will just have to make-do with what I have to live it. Anyway, I will post the moving pictures soon (having problem with my photo editor?)

22 July 2008

What's up?

I am pretty much settled in the new place by now. The moving took exactly one week. It was a stressful experience. It wasn't like when I moved to the apartment more than 3 years ago. Basically, I was starting a new life back then. But this is different, I'm already having a blissful new life for the past 3 years in my dear old apartment when Bo decided that we should move to a bigger place and nearer to the new office.

I was excited as well as sad when he told me about this decision. Excited because I can finally have a grounded house where I can do gardening and bigger space for my out of town guests. Sad because I loved it at the old apartment, with so many things I have done to make it look my own.

I will blog about the moving experience and the new house in due time. For the time being, this update is just to tell that I finally have internet line fixed!

Till then!

14 July 2008


Yesterday by Leona Lewis - That song seems to get stuck in my head (thanks to Lucy for bringing it up to my attention). I find that the wordings are sad... And I have been playing it over and over again while driving since the last couple of days. I am sure Mercy and Bo are both sick of it right now. Bo even nicknamed the song 'the dikitik song' (Listen to the chorus and you can get it)...

Speaking of yesterday, early morning I woke up for a round of golf with the boys at the club. We got together at a kedai kopi nearby for a simple breakfast.. Since we were very early, we were the only customer there. We had our breakfasts and were ready to pay the bill when suddenly one of the waiter dropped a glass of drink and sent beverage flying in the air and landed on my friends. The glass didn't break, miraculously but strange enough, the waiter picked the glass and smashed it in the kitchen therefore shattered it in thousand pieces. Strange, right? A friend suggested that maybe he's embarrassed and tried to cover that.

He then took a mop and start mopping the floor, more particularly behind where I sat. And then, he sat on the floor, as if tired from all that mopping. By this time, we were already getting the cashier to come over for the bill. Suddenly, I heard a smooch coming on the left side of my cheek. I was shocked! I thought Bo was sitting on my right side, so who was trying to kiss me???? I turned to see that guy, that waiter who dropped the glass and mopped the floor vigorously!! I turned to Bo and said 'That guy was trying to kiss me!!!'.. Just then the waiter told me that the guy's insane, that he wasn't a waiter. I was so petrified that I literally ran to my car!

Needless to say, I was the laughing stock for the whole day and of course, typically Malaysian, everybody has got their own speculation on what might have happened to that guy for him to have turned insane!

Oh... By the way, the golf game was quite good, especially when it was the first time I played on a Sunday.

09 July 2008

Old habit died the hard way

Yup, my old habit died for the last 2 weeks and in the hard way. If you remember, I blogged about an old habit that I was kicking last month. And it was too soon to let you know the result.

Well, 2 weeks on, I can proudly say that I have kicked it successfully... For new friends or any of you who are still wondering what habit I managed to kick.... Here's the story...

I was a heavy smoker. I started smoking when I was a teenager (something that I am not proud of). My father is a smoker and my grandfather was a smoker and I was especially close to both of them, made me think that smoking was ok... cool even at that time. It's stupid, I know... but I didn't realize back then. And as I grow older, the social smoking became a bad habit. I tried giving up a lot of times, believe me but the urge was even stronger when I tried to fight it. The longest I could live without smoking was 4 days... After I resigned from my previous job, I have been a heavier smoker. A pack of 20's cigarettes used to last 2 days when I was working. And then, a pack a day. I sometimes felt chest pain but normally they would go away the next day. So I never take the chest pains nor the coughing seriously.

Bo quit smoking in 2006 but he never pressured me to stop smoking. And then, it just hit me one day that I should give up... for better health and for better stamina. I love my sports more than I love smoking. So, I decided and I went to the pharmacy to get a nicotine patch but the pharmacist introduced me to a kind of pills instead. He claimed that I will stop smoking after my second packaging which is equivalent to a month's intake. I am just finishing my first pack and already I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. Isn't that great!? It's way better than the patches.

To those of you who smoke and really want to kick the habit, I recommend you to take the pills. Side effects are withdrawal symptoms like headache, mood swing, constantly hungry but that all will go away in the second week... so no worry... it's not permanent.

The pill I mentioned is called Champix. Can be found in local pharmacy/drug store.

p/s: Lucy darling, I'm sure you are glad that I chose to quit...

Welcome to the club!

I am so happy today! I received a great gift from Bo. He has been talking about this for weeks now and finally today, he keeps his words.

I now can spend more times in leisure, for as of today I am a member of KGSAAS!! I can just go to the club if I have hours to spare... Swim in the clean swimming pool (the swimming pool in my apartment complex is poorly maintained), get to the gym (if I think I get TOO fat), the driving range (whenever I need to practice) and of course the night golfing (where I don't need to get sun tan doing what I like most).

When we signed up today, the first thing I planned was how my days in the week going to be. I know some people don't like routines but I like to lay out my plans for the month so I don't miss anything. Not that I have a lot of things to miss, but you know what I mean, the monthly facial, the bi-weekly manicure... you know the works...

I'm just so excited that I have to share this with you all... I will blog about my experience with the club in the future. Today, the most greetings I got was 'Welcome to the club' and all I could do was smile. Little do they know that they will be sick of me because I will be in their faces e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y!

07 July 2008

You Act Like You Are 31 Years Old

I got this from Queen's blog and can't help doing it too...! Was surprised that I DO act my age, not older (as I thought I'd be) ... Lucy ,Chegu Carol, Rozella, Hannie, Edna and anybody out there, do it... it's interesting to know how we act, don't you think?

You Act Like You Are 31 Years Old

You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

You're responsible, wise, and have enough experience to understand a lot of the world.

You're at the point in your life where you understand yourself pretty well.

You are figuring out what you want... and how to get it!

Busy bee... or shall I call it busy me?

I've been MIA for some time now, I know. But I just can't get away from blogging for long time. Although there hasn't been much to blog about these past few days, I feel that I have to put something out of obligation.. hmmmm...

I've been busy trying to find another house. We finally got an office at a new area, so it requires me to move to a nearby residential. So for the next couple of weeks, I'll be busy getting the house ready. I will get the picture up whenever it is ready... Now, the house is bare & empty and the interior is painted white that it makes me feel like I'm in a hospital minus the smell. So, as you guys can imagine, my days will be filled with interior decorating works... Wish me luck!

As for my current apartment, I'm thinking of renting it out. So if anybody looking for a place in USJ, please let me know. It's furnished with 3 aircons, water heater, built-in wardrobes & kitchen cabinet, laminated wooden floor and nice lighting fixtures. Basically, all you need to do is bring your luggage and yourself! Anybody? Email me or drop me comments and I will contact you to discuss further. I will take picture of the apartment once I am completely moved out so you can have a virtual viewing of the apartment.


02 July 2008


I am going to be hibernating soon... Just to get away.

Something major happened yesterday... I can't believe I could be so stupid.. But sometimes, things happen for reasons. There must be a reason behind this, right?

When something like this happens, I get so nervous that the butterflies in my stomach flips their wings tirelessly. Therefore, my brain gets the message that my stomach is always full... Truth be told, I haven't eaten proper meal since yesterday's afternoon.. Maybe it'll be good for my diet program.. but I don't know.

All I need now is to be patient and strong to get through this. Family & friends have been helpful and I know Bo is doing his best to fix things. It will get better soon.. I just hope it's sooner than later...

01 July 2008

Sorry for the silence...

I know I haven't been updating my blog lately... It's just that I just recovered from a very bad fever and actually still tired from my first ever golf tournament last Saturday.

Besides, I had my kitchen remodeled so I bet you can guess how messy my apartment was, what with the dust and all, but today, all re-arrangement is done and I am so looking forward to cooking in my 'new' kitchen.

I think I deserve a little trip to Veqish Spa, but it's the time of the month.. guess I have to wait few more days... sob...sob... sob...

Anyway, if you guys are interested to see me and my friends in action during the tournament, here are some photos.. Enjoy!