No rose & chocolate involved


Bo & me decided to celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday. We went for a dinner at the Italian restaurant at Saujana. Partly to celebrate Valentine's and partly hoping that we'd bump into some of the pro who we suspected would be staying at the hotel.

I know it's pathetic. But hey, this opportunity only comes once in a year. And meeting up with them is like meeting up with any celebrities... So rare! Not to mention, being sport people, they are so easy on the eyes. And cute too, despite the sun tanned skin and sweat. But I'd say, golf is the only widely accepted sport in Malaysia that has the players wearing a nice tailored pant and collared shirt. Very gentlemanly.... Hmmm, I like!

Anyway, we saw a few pros had dinner at the same restaurant we were in. But, I didn't want to be rude so I didn't go up to their tables and disturb their dinners just for some autographs and photos. If it was Tiger Wood though, it would be different story.

After our scrumptious dinner, we went to meet up with a couple of friends who also had their Valentine's dinner a night early. We went to Zeta bar at KL Hilton. I'd enjoy the place & music if I didn't have the annoying cough. And the cigarette smokes that filled up the whole area was a bit too much. The 5-girls Canadian band was okay. It's a different scene from the Filipino band we saw last week at BED. Since both Bo & me were coughing hard and I started to feel my throat swelling up, we went home early.

And this morning, on St. Valentine's Day, I lost my voice... Didn't stop me to shout (or tried to) whenever a pro made an excellent shot at Hole No 18, where I sat for almost 5 hours. And that's my Valentine's Day celebration this year... No rose & chocolate involved.

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3 comment

  1. Happy belated Valentine's Day MiMi..

  2. My Valentine day celebration lagi gila...LOL!! But it was fun and i truly enjoyed it although it was not the extravaganza way of celebrating it.. :). I am just happy that i celebrated it with him :)

    Anyway, i hope you get well soon..and happy valentine's day moi! Hugs

  3. Happy Valentine's day to you both too.