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31 May 2009

It's going to be a loooong lonely weekend...

Bo left for his Indonesian boys trip yesterday. Marked the start of my long lonely weekend. It won't be until Tuesday that he'll return. So, what am I to do for the next couple of days?

I spent the whole day yesterday at home, to Noah's delight. Cleaning and watching TV. In fact, I had plan but had to cancel. Something that I wish not to blog about in respect of others' privacy.

This morning though, I woke up with a non-solid plan. I've been wanting to go to Bluunis to re-do my eyebrow embroidery. So, today I thought maybe I should.. and so I went. After paying for my treatment package which include a facial & body treatment, I made an appointment for tomorrow. Not really a good timing, since I will be greeting Bo with super thick eyebrow on Tuesday. So not sexy, so not attractive... But I couldn't find a better time for it so Monday it is.

I went to Golf House while I was on my way to Rock Corner (these are all in Subang Parade), I went to Rock Corner trying to get Rob Thomas' new album, unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet. Anyway, I went to Golf House hoping I could find some golf balls for Bo, but they too aren't arriving until next week. But the guy at the store said something that really made my day! He said I looked thinner! That just made my day! I must've lost weight *wink* because when I was trying on some dresses at Dorothy Perkins, I could fit into size 8 again! I've been a size 10 for the last one year! Hmmm... guess the moving helped...

I'll blog about that eyebrow embroidery after I have it done tomorrow. Till then!

28 May 2009

Sore feet but not complaining..

I wasn't feeling good the day before yesterday. Bo thought that I needed cheering up and took me out to KL for a little shopping trip. He knows that little shopping trips can cure my 'headaches'. Unfortunately, while we were on our way over, Bo got a phone call and he had to rush back for a business meeting... My headache wasn't cured.

And yesterday, he took me & my sister for a movie. But as it turned out, it was my sister's treat since she has already withdrew her salary... It was a nice gesture, treating us to movie and dinner at Sunway Pyramid. I have been wanting to watch Angel & Demon since it was released on Mom's birthday, but again... the cleaning and re-arranging had put the idea on hold ad we finally get to watch it yesterday... All three of us really enjoyed the movie especially. It has an impact that provoked us to argue on religions and science. It was a healthy argument though... since all of us reached similar conclusions.

Today, I woke up super early... We had to go to HUKM again to extract my blood for hormone test. This is the second one in less than 2 weeks. My left arm is still blue black from the last time and they had to poke a needle on my right arm. I purposely put on 3/4 sleeved blouse today as not to get the stare from people. I didn't want people to pass judgement on me... I mean, what would you think if you see a person with needle marks on both arms? I didn't want people to think that I was sick or a drug addict or something! HUKM only took less than half an hour of our times, so we were out early.

Wanting to have a nice lunch, I suggested that we went to KLCC. Frankly, it was also a hint to Bo that a shopping trip to KLCC is now overdued. By then, my headache has graduated to migrain! So, off we went to KLCC. It was too early to have lunch when we arrived there, so I took the time to window shop at some of the boutiques. I have been telling Bo for ever that I wanted to have a nice denim jacket. For our mild winter trip to Australia in August. I saw this gorgeous one in Zara and couldn't help myself and that one purchase really started my shopping engine! I started up with that and a replacement for my everday bag that I thought was too big, just before lunch. And after lunch, we continued again... What was supposed to be a short mall trip became a six hour shopping exercise! I ended up getting another jacket, a GA compact foundation, a sunglasses, a blouse, sore feet and around 4k poorer...

Actually that money was supposed to be used for my wedding anniversary present, a pair of Chopard Happy Diamond ear stud worth around the same range as all of my today's purchases altogether. Ah well, that can always wait until Christmas!

Ironically, I just saw an episode on Oprah on how to save money... Did I say this lately? I'm loving my life!

22 May 2009

AI... What else?!

I've been meaning to blog, but I just couldn't find the time... Ever since the move, I have had so many cleaning and re-arranging to do that I kept on neglecting my blog. My days are not so 'routine' anymore, and I've missed a lot of the shows on TV, not to mention movies too.

But one show I didn't miss was American Idol finale, the result show that is. I know most people have already talked and blogged about it. How unfair that Kris Allen won the title instead of Adam Lambert. I couldn't be bothered really, because my favorite Matt Giraud has been booted out earlier... And when Danny Gokey went home, I lost interest. I know Adam has amazing voice and is a great performer, but he's already a star regardless the outcome of the show. He has established a massive fan base and he will have a very starry bright future.

To me, the highlight of the show wasn't the result itself. The performances were amazing! The 'veteran' artists they had on the show really made up for the lack of climax to the result at the end. Lionel Richie still has his groove and singing alongside Danny made the young boy looked and sounded amateurish. But their duet was still a lot better than Queen Latifah and Lil Round. I thought Lil Round was a bit boring. That Megan & Michael duet sounded a bit off too. Kris Allen and Keith Urban's duet made me want to go out and look for Urban's cd, it was so catchy. Matt's rendition of Santana's Black Magic Woman was 'different' and was not that impressive. And nothing top Adam Lambert on that duet with KISS, not even the Queen's 'We are the champion' performance with Kris Allen. I so love it when Kara went out when that bikini girl tried to sing and took off her clothes for charity. She has nice body!

All in all, I kind of think that AI is over all too soon. Can't wait for next year's season!

16 May 2009


How I miss blogging and Facebooking. After almost two weeks of shifting and re-arranging stuffs around the new condo unit, we have finally settled.

The Streamyx line was activated last night, finally! Just in time to check Sophie's pictures out... Total cuteness!!! I fell in love at first sight!

So, starting next week I can go golfing just about everyday! It's been weeks now since I last played. I also need a very very long massage - my whole body ache from all the house chores. Need to go see Alice for my nails (the cleaning solution has turned my nails monstrous), and Brian for my hair... *Sigh* I feel so not attractive right now.

The tiredness I feel for the past two weeks is slowly going away... It's not a very big a condo unit, so the cleaning works didn't take a long time. And the tense from my shoulder and arms have been a bit relaxed, thanks to the hot steamy bath I can't get enough of!!! The lavender oil really helped too in helping me doze off every night.

So now, I want to start planning for house warming party. That's it, after I find out the rules & conditions from the management office. Apparently, guests are allowed to stay only until 1.00 am. Hmmm.... that doesn't sound fun at all. Wonder if I can get an exception just for one night?

I forgot to mention, the condo cafeteria prepares the best Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin ever! I may cater that particular menu for the housewarming party... We'll see.

04 May 2009

A couple of days more

It has been a busy week... The long weekend didn't help. Many repair works and odd jobs around the new apartment had to be put on hold. Resulting in us having to postpone our move another week. It's actually the excitement that we couldn't content. But, we need the new place to be in a comfortable condition before we can settle in.

In the midst of all the works, my youngest sister was in town for a holiday before she goes on continuing her studies. And in the 2 weeks that she's around, I've been occupied with small trips here and there.

But now, we have confirmed our moving dates and I hope there won't be anymore hindrance to make us wait anymore. I personally just can't wait anymore! The contractors will be packing and cleaning up their tools today and the cleaning team will come tomorrow so the movers can bring in our stuffs on Wednesday. Thursday I'll be re-organizing and Friday, I can hit the club already! Yeay! Oh, and on Saturday, it'll be closer for us to travel to The Curve for Mel's birthday!

However, that's not the only exciting news I have this week. I got a text message from my bestfriend yesterday that she has delivered their little bundle of joy! On the same day that marked my second year wedding anniversary! She wasn't supposed to be due until later but I guess the little girl knows that she wants to share her special day with her aunt Mimi! Smart girl! Guess, I won't miss her birthdays ever!

Anyway, I'll be losing connection with the internet from Wednesday until further notice, so I won't be blogging that much. Until then, take care people and I will return with my moving stories!