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29 August 2009

Dickhead Driver!


Ok, my gastritis decided to attack me tonight... and I ran out of milk! That's my only remedy! I had to wake my poor sister (who's feeling feverish) to a nearby 7eleven...

Feeling dizzy and what with the constant 'burping', I drove to 7eleven safely.. It's 10.30 PM and the area surrounding were almost empty, except for some 7eleven's customers. Naturally, there were plenty of empty parking spaces around... But when I got there, there this one old black Honda Civic EG whose driver (I'm calling him Dickhead!) refused to park his car in the proper parking space and instead stopped his car in the middle of the street, blocking all entry to the empty parking area in front of 7eleven!!!! Even after I put my indication light on, he still didn't move. I had to 'swirl' and almost hitting the Honda's front to get into a well-lighted parking space.

My sister went down, I stayed in the car. While she was inside, I observed Dickhead... First, an elderly woman came out of 7eleven carrying multiple plastic bags, went inside Dickhead's car... I assume that would be his mother. And then, a little girl came out carrying a handful of plastic bags containing ice! I assume that would be his daughter... Knowing Dickhead is Malay, I know the ice would be for buka puasa tomorrow... Knowing that Dickhead is an able man, letting an elderly woman and a child carrying heavy bags without him moving a muscle, it is safe to assume that he's a total asshole!

So, all of his family members were back in the car... So, I thought he'd be gone... Boy! Was I wrong!! My sister came out and went inside my car... When I wanted to reverse my car, I was blocked by Dickhead!! AND he refused to move!!! I had to 'swirl' to get out again... I had the space anyway, except for a motorbike which wasn't any problem, the parking space were all empty! And he drove off just as I barely managed to squeeze out in between his ugly Honda and the motorbike. I knew right there, he was pissing me off for fuck..

And when I made a u-turn to go back home, he's there too... trying to overtake me and to take a look.. and sped off!!! What The FUCK!!???

Dickhead, whoever you are... of any importance or not to any people in the world... Do you know that your type of people are the ones who's responsible for the invention of Traffic Summons in the first place? Such an ignorant son-of-a-bitch!!!

Is it cruel to curse and wish him to die?!!

28 August 2009

Is MJ really is still alive?

God, I hope that's true! But of course, we have to let the fact that he's DEAD sink in... take your time, but he's dead for sure!

Watch these videos...

And here's the video showing how Michael Jackson came out of coroner's van alive!

27 August 2009

Not pool'ing' here...

There are many reasons why I never want to swim in our Condo complex pool. First of all, it's always full with children screaming and playing... And then, there's this couple who just soaked there talking...

But the main reason I refuse to go into the pool is this:

Can you see the whole family went swimming fully clothed? How disgusting is that? And how is it possible to swim with your T-shirt on is beyond me...

Back in KK, Likas Sports Complex used to be the only place where we could swim... My cousins and I would ride a bus after school, went for a swim, ate the fried meehoon (that was super yummy especially after a swim)... I wonder if the meehoon aunty is still around? Anyway, in KK expecially Likas, if you went into the pool with clothes, the lifeguard would blow his whistle and chase you out.. But what I realized here, most of the people go swimming with t-shirt and shorts.. ??? Isn't that dangerous? The weight of the wet T-shirt is enough to drown you!

Strangely though, I never saw this when I was staying in Subang... And now in Shah Alam, hmmm... they are everywhere!

I'll stick to the club's swimming pool... After all, it's much cleaner!

26 August 2009

How rude can you be?

I was at the Curve on Monday for my dentist appointment. And I tagged along my sister and her Balinese boyfriend for moral support. Tightening my braces can be very painful, you know...

So after dentist, my sister boyfriend told me that he'd like to get the Cheesy Wedges from KFC because apparently you can't find them in Indonesia... So off we went to a KFC outlet next door, I believe inside the Tesco building.

You know how the KFC aroma entices you, right..? Your stomach would growl even if you just had your lunch like two hours prior? Ok, that's what happened to me... I actually didn't want to eat yet.. But the aroma... I'm drooling already! So, I ordered that prawn strips thingy set to go. But my sister and her boyfriend ordered their cheesy wedges and chicken for eat in..

And then the tudung-clad girl at the counter asked me if I was Muslim, "unfriendlishly" ok... I was surprised! Why would she asks me such a question? Why is my religion any of her business? Oh! and then it dawned on me, my sister boyfriend looks like a Malay... you know being a Balinese... And so I said to her.. "Yes, I am a Muslim, but I'm not fasting today and they (pointing at my sister and her boyfriend) are not Muslim, they are Hindu.. He's Balinese" The look on her face showed that he didn't believe me! After we paid our bills, we went to a table nearby. I swear I could feel their stares at our backs as we sat on the table. And as I sat there, I noticed they didn't stop staring, they just stood there behind the counter watching our every moves... Didn't really make me comfortable, you know...

Don't you think it's just simply rude that she asked me that?? I mean, where was her manner, got stuck in between her tudung somewhere? It's no wonder she's serving chicken and soda at KFC!! (No offence to fast food people) What was the reason for her asking? To humiliate me and my company? Can't muslims buy some food during the Ramadhan month?

That was when I joked to my my sister and her boyfriend that maybe I should get that nice looking cross pendant that comes with diamond and ruby and wear them around specifically during Ramadhan month.. So, i won't get rude question like that anymore.

This is the first time that I got questioned on my religion... People used to think I was a Chinese, because I don't look like Malay at all... So being Chinese looking, the misconception was that I am a non-muslim... I like that impression on me, because it saved me from that Religion Department raids during Ramadhan month.

25 August 2009

September issue

Yesterday after dentist, I went to MPH and got me latest copies of my favourite magazines, InStyle USA & Harper's Bazaar Malaysia. And then, I went down to Starbucks to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend who were waiting for me while enjoying their Frappe... Since I am bearing a very Muslim name, I refused to order anything and risked getting fined. So, I just sat with them and flipped through Harper's Bazaar.

In this year's issue, they have a segment about hair. A few pages of them which I actually found interesting (I didn't blog about this, but I've been worried sick about my thinning hair), so naturally, I flipped those hair segment pages slowly.. And then, I saw my picture there in the magazine! Hmmm... I got excited!

I blogged about that Hair Pampering Session on my other blog. I thought this won't get into the magazine. But when I received a phone call from their Beauty Writer the other day, I sort of knew that my picture will be in it.. :) Little did I know that she'd quote me in her article!

If you get a copy of this magazine, you may also find a picture of someone you MAY know on their Bazaar Party/Bazaar Power Lunch section... She's always in some magazines anyway... :)

20 August 2009

G'day mate!

As mentioned in my previous post, it's some sort of a tradition that Bo would treat me to a vacation as my birthday present ever since we got married... A tradition that I must follow for as long as I live, if the pocket permits that is...

Anyway, I think I am due in giving you the story of my trip...

We arrived Sydney very early Tuesday morning last week... Though we had some sleep in the plane, we fell fast asleep the moment our heads hit the pillow... The coldness of Sydney's mild Winter was also the reason why we decided to stay indoor on our first day. We woke up just in time for late lunch and a little drinking and went back to sleep.. But not until we booked a tour to Blue Mountain for the next day.

The Blue Mountain tour took a whole day. Started with a visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park where we mingled with some kangaroos, wallabies and emus. Then, we went to a picnic park where we learned how to throw the boomerang and learned about Aboriginal culture; which I failed even after 3 tries and Bo excelled even on first try... I made a joke about him being an Aborigine and that he has the look anyway, to which he got mad. And then, we went to have lunch at this beautiful country club. After lunch, we went on Flyway Cable Car that took us to the valley. After a walk in a thick rain forest, we rode the world's steepest railway at 52 degree! I swear my heartbeat stopped for like an hour, the ride lasted only 3 minutes. After that, we went towards Sydney and dropped by at Leura town and wander through antique shops, arts & crafts shop and the famous Candy store... I swear I've never seen as bizarre candy store as this one. They have Cinnamon flavored Mintos! Heading back, we travel through the Sydney 2000 Olympic Site.. We concluded the tour with a river cruise that took us back to Circular Quay... After saying our goodbyes to the rest of the tourists, we made our way to Captain Cooks to make reservations for dinner the night after.

The morning of my birthday, we woke up late again and had brunch at the hotel.. We then made our way to Paddy's market. This market is only open from Thursday through Sunday and mostly ran by Asian. The products, although relatively cheaper than any other place, were lack of quality and mostly bear the sticker "Made In China". But an original Aborigine's art piece can cost you your limbs!

That night, we had dinner on board the Captain Cook Cruise Ship... Food wasn't great, nice but not great.. But the ambiance and the view were to die for. We made some new friends from Ireland and had great conversation. The service was professional and the birthday song sang to me late in the evening made me blush! Oh, and they couldn't believe me when I told them my real age!

The remaining of our stay we spent on visiting Sydney Aquarium and the Wildlife World, where we get to see the dugong live for the first time. We didn't want to go to long distance tour because we thought it would be better to spend the time exploring the city on foot. One of our favourite spot in the city was Queen Victoria Building or QVB. It's an old building, I think dated back to Victorian era, the architectural of the building showed as such. So, I thought it's okay if I didn't get to the museums... QVB is a shopping mall. And they were a lot more near there. My favorite has to be David Jones, an equivalent to London's Harrods. This was were we had late lunch (or almost dinner) for 3 days in a row. It was the fresh natural oyster that kept me returning for more. And in QVB also where I shopped, though not as crazily as how I did during my trip to London in January.

One more thing, when we were there, the H1N1 case wasn't made a big deal. It wasn't in the newspaper or TV, there was no death reports. Makes me wonder if Malaysia is the only country that's making a big deal out of it?

We made it a point, that we'd return to Australia again one day. Maybe to different part, but definitely returning. Maybe make it as a stop over point to America or New Zealand. I am already excited at the thought!

Pictures uploaded in Facebook. Enjoy!

18 August 2009

Bag lad?

OK... Tell me what's wrong with this picture??

I am not talking about the girl's hand in her back pocket (if that's all you see here)... I am talking about the boyfriend/husband carrying her handbag, an LV Speedy at that!

Girls, it's not a pretty sight, right? Why would you want to get a designer handbag if you make your man carry it for you? The bag should be an extension of your accessories... the man too can be your accessory if you wish, BUT not a man WITH your handbag.... This really is a sore to my eyes!

Guys, if your girlfriend/wife asks you to carry her bag, PLEASE REFUSE.... It's definitely not a gentleman gesture... If she thinks it's heavy for her to carry around, leave it at home... Carry her stuffs in your 'manly' bag instead, like maybe a massenger bag or a bagpack...

I've seen this many times, strangely only in Asia or by Asian... Anybody care to shed some lights on why this has to happen?

Note: Picture was taken on George St., Sydney.

09 August 2009

Kids behind wheels

I was watching CNN the other day when a story of a 7 year-old driving a family SUV in Canada came out. In the video, which they put up on YouTube, shown that the boy's father (who believed to be the cameraman) cheered the boy encouragingly. In the car, there were also the boy's mother and a baby... Hmmm... I was shocked! I really couldn't tell how fast the car was going but that's secondary.. What asshole of a parent would allow his 7 year old to drive?! According to CNN, the father has been arrested. More on that story here.

And then, CNN showed another picture of also a 7 year old who stole his grandmother's car to escape church. I found that it's not even funny nor cute as commented in YouTube. This boy is still a child, and if he could come up with this at such an early age, imagine what he'd do when he's an adult? Who's to blame here?

On another but similar note, I always noticed how Malaysian drivers can be careless. Especially those with children in tow. I always noticed how the mothers would put their toddlers on their lap without safety belt on and with the father driving like a maniac! And then, at traffic lights you could see the small children bouncing around at the backseat. What happen to child seat & baby seat? I am sure they are cheaper than the children lives.

I remember when I was a kid myself, how my parents would not bring me out if I misbehaved. Once I cried and kicked the back of the driver's seat because my brother wouldn't spare me a chewing gum, my dad actually drove all the way home, dropped me and drove off again with the rest. Naturally, I learned my lesson... I didn't cry because I knew it's my fault. Back then, child seat was scarce, expensive if there was any...

You know, accident happens.. but we can minimize the pain if we take pre-caution measures for the children and for ourselves. Don't wait until it's too late!

05 August 2009

Happy 'Augusting'

For the obvious reasons!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling Lucy! I managed to get hold of her on the phone yesterday after trying for days! I always think twice whenever I want to call her. I have to consider the time difference and also the fact that she might be resting - Having baby means you don't get to sleep at normal hours...

And then, August too is my birthday month! Need I say more?

And yes, I plan to celebrate my birthday every single day in August... I want to embrace the feelings of joy on getting a year older gracefully...

I am so sure that August is your favourite month too! Because it doesn't have to be your birthday month, but still August can bring you excitement... Why else? The Grand Sale is here! I almost forgot about that, until I get this text messages from DiGi telling me where to get great deals on shopping, about 5 times a day since late July... And those texts from places where I regularly frequented wishing me Happy Birthday and offering me 30% discounts all month long are making me all warm inside... hehehe... I'm sure I received a few vouchers in the mail for free treatments and such... I'm grinning as I type this.. Oh my...

I am excited as this year, I'll be celebrating my birthday in Sydney... It'll be my first time in Australia and it's exciting (except for the fact that the Swine Flu is still treathening...) It's becoming a tradition ever since we got married, that Bo will buy me a holiday of my choice as Birthday present. It started 3 years ago in Bali, last year back in KK and to Sydney this year... I am already planning secretly for next year's trip... Will surely tell you more about it if it happens... Meanwhile, keep those fingers crossed!

So people, happy vacationing and happy shopping... August is a good month to do that and more!