Nov 30, 2009

Hectic & Home

Yes, it's been hectic the last one week.

I received guests for 3 days and I must say, I enjoyed the company and the children noise.. I know, sometimes I amazed myself too.. Hehehe..

On Thursday I will be back to KK to catch up with Lucy & her baby Sophie.. I am excited to meet Sophie for the very first time! And then on the weekend, we have organized a little reunion party for my Likas girls school '94 batch at Sutera Harbour. Will definitely be blogging about that!

After I come back from KK, I will be re-admitted into Sunway Medical for another surgery... I just can't wait for all this to be over with so I can move on with life!

I have ordered the food for Christmas eve dinner and I have done all the Christmas decor shopping (which isn't much, so no point showing pictures)... All I need to do now is sit back and enjoy that occasional glass of wine while I still can!

Nov 21, 2009

TOP 9 Rapidshare Search Engines Review

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Rapidshare Search  If you never dealt with rapidshare, you are not an Internet user. Millions of people every day upload and download files to rapidshare – this modern info giant. So that users always could find what they search for, there exist special search engines, which search only for rapidshare links and thus save your time and effort. There are hundreds (if not thousands of them) nowadays.

  Each one chooses for himself, how to download files from rapidshare in the most convenient way. But, as far as  have noticed, main criteria remain the same: easy search and relevant results, high download speed, possible additional advanced options and user-friendliness. Today I'd like to make a surface user review of 9 rapidshare search engines, which, to my mind, are in the top. logo

  2. What is noticed at first site is a guide for beginners. Though it is not that important for promoted rapidshare users, for many dummies it will be of good help. The design is pleasant, no unnecessary ads, banners and other similar spam (but rather profitable one, should I admit), I believe it means that rapid4me's developers really care so that their users could find what they want without being attacked by numerous banners.

    You may also add to your search engine list and that's also very convenient, if this search engine meets your demands. What I didn't notice at other similar resources I found at here together with rapidshare links, one can find torrents ( ) and .pdf ( ). Such a universal search engine. Good idea, to my mind. logo

  4. This resource has already won its popularity and has it's own number of devoted users. They also have an option “Rapidshare Search Toolbar from Rapidlibrary “ and besides provide search by different files types. At first sight everything is clear, but when you choose the file to download and get to the list of links, you may feel a bit puzzled because of number of colors at the page and other things which distract attention. Personally for me it is a minus, though it is very subjective, sure thing. In all the rest this search engine deserves attention. logo

  6. When only you visit homepage, you see a logo and developers' promise to provide users with “new updated, constantly improving database”. And whenever I tried to find some certin file, my searches were rather successful. So let's hope that developers do not act against their conscience and are absolutely sincere.

    Another useful feature that bursts upon my eyes – an ability to download the file in question quicker than by other similar resources. You don't need make additional clicks – just choose the file, enter CAPTCHA to have access to the links and voilà – start the download process. logo

  8. Rapidshare, megaupload and mediafire search engine provides users with advanced search by word, phrase, date and size, which sometimes may be essential for the search process. The process of search and download is quick and doesn't require registration. Another interesting detail – premium accounts are said to cost only $1.99. Does this mean high download speed or just unlimited access to the resources of... The latter is true as it turned out. Would you like to pay for what other similar resources provide on a free basis? The choice is upon you! logo

  10. This search engine allows us to take the bull by the horns. You have come to find and download some file – you are welcome, nothing will distract your attention from the main aim. Came – found – downloaded. Everything is precise and clear as it should be! logo

  12. Rapidshare SE possesses a huge rapidshare links base, which you may get... only after you pay for the access code. But when you do, you are promised to be shown to “unlimited access to all files stored on our servers with no size and speed restrictions”. Intrigued? Me too. All the rest satisfies the most sophisticated users: design, simplicity, user-friendliness – perfect! logo

  14. Rapidshare search engine doesn't provide any advanced search options, searches in titles, specific file types etc. This search engine specializes on its main function – search for and give access to rapidshare links. What else is need from a decent functional rapidshare search engine? logo

  16. As soon as you enter this page, you see the list of recent searches and get the idea of what users usually look for. Enter the file you need and get to another page with the list of links. Very convenient - smooth motion of your mouse to the search results and you have all info about the file: size, search tags, status, file type. You are satisfied with this info – start downloading. logo

  18. One more easy to use search engine on rapidshare. What I like about particularly this one – it's minimalism in design is professionally combined with maximal functionality. If you don't like overloaded pages with numerous options you never make use of, is YOUR rapidshare search engine. The download procedure remains the same.


Nov 20, 2009

My first (puppy?) love

OK, there is this one story that I wanted to blog about, sort of 'brought up' by our recent trip to PD. Some of my close friends know about this already..

I went dating for the first time in my life when I was 13. I knew him since I was in primary 6! We went to different secondary school, while he went to Sabah College, I went to SMK Menggatal. But we kept in touch through telephone and we would meet up and hang out on weekends.

Most of the time, we would just hang out at his parents house and his parent would send me home after they got back from work. His parents knew my parents, so dating him wasn't a problem.

I got close with his school friends too, one in particular named Nor who used to stay over-night at my place.

We used to call him 'Boy' (a very popular nickname back then). He was my very first kiss, my very first love, puppy or not.. And we were carefree and happy...

However, one day he called me... Instead of talking nonsense lovey dovey stuffs, he said we should break up because we should be focusing on our SRP exam. I was heartbroken but because I think there was truth to his excuse for breaking up, I took it with open but still broken heart.

And then, I went out with some of our friends after that phone call. I remember we met up at this ice cream place at Kompleks Karamunsing... And then one friend said how could Boy broke it up with me over Nor, my friend.. I was surprised, I didn't know that the two had been double timing me.. And he chose her over me... My heart broke again...

A few months after that, I heard from a friend that Nor got pregnant and didn't know what to do with it since he was leaving with his family to America. Talk about Karma!

I haven't seen him again after that until recently, when we were in PD. Someone very familiar-looking opened the door to the restaurant. I glanced at his name tag, and I sort of suspected who he was. He pulled the chair for me to sit, when I asked him if he was 'him'.. He said yes and we hugged, it has been a loooong time I said and you broke my heart.. and we laughed about it. I of course introduced him to Bo. He was very professional though, but his colleague took over the servicing.

After all that happened many many years ago, he reappeared as my waiter? Talk about Karma vol. 2!

As George Herbert put it: Living well is the best revenge!

Of course revenge was never my intention.. It's just Karma at work...

Nov 19, 2009

My romantic getaway.. PD

I mentioned about going for a romantic getaway with Bo. It's been a while since we went on such trip... short but compact! If you know what I mean *wink -wink*

Since both of us had just came back from Indonesia (on separate trips), we opted to try the new resort in Port Dickson.. The last time we went to Port Dickson was probably 3 years ago! Or maybe more.

The PD trip was ok. The room was nice, but I have a feeling that it's not going to stay that way for a long time.. In fact, I give them maybe 1 year? It's not that bad but I've seen better. Despite that, the service was excellent!

Anyway, we checked in smoothly.. We were given the first room - judging by how it looked, it wasn't completed yet. Bathroom amenities were quite impressive, they're using Aigner. But the rest was just 'so-so'. I let the photo do the talking..


Our room rate at joint promo with UOB credit card was at RM391 nett which was inclusive of one night stay, dinner for 2, breakfast for 2, minibar & welcome drinks.

Dinner was ok. The menu was extensive but we chose to go with Chinese Set Menu, as suggested. We went to the bar after dinner. A small bar with only one service staff, who worked the bar and the service area. I think the seating capacity is not even 50! It's so small but it's okay considering that the resort is more family oriented. They did have a live band though, a trio female performer... No comment on that!

This place is super new.. The grand opening was on 1st November... When we woke up to the sound of drilling in the morning, we sort of suspected that most of the rooms were not fully done up yet.. On our way to check out, we saw contractor with trolley carrying safe boxes.

I do have another story to tell from this trip, but I'll blog about it later.. In the meantime, I am thinking of doing up the home office to be well, home office but also double as a guest room.. Since I've been receiving lots of out of town guests lately. I need to get rid of my work table and re-organize the storeroom.. and then I can start looking for sofa bed or even better something like Murphy bed wall bed which will definitely look nice in the room. Something like this:-


Nov 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Laura!

While watching 2012 at TGV KLCC today, I received a text from my uncle..

"Mi, dinner tonight at the restaurant in front of our hotel at 7pm"

Free dinner at the only good seafood restaurant in KL? Why not?

My cousins and I made our way to Hokkaido, in front of Vistana Hotel... My cousins and aunt were in KL for their convocation. With the rain and mad Monday traffic, I thought it would take me forever to get there or maybe got lost on the way... But no, we were there within half an hour from KLCC and we didn't get lost!

I didn't realize that we weren't the only people invited to dinner.. There were 15 of us.. Hmmm.. I thought maybe to celebrate their graduation. Our table was the largest in the house!

Halfway through dinner only my uncle announced that it's Laura's birthday we're celebrating... I felt so bad.. I was at KLCC, I could have gotten her something nice! I'd probably get her some nice hip hop jewelry.. I feel so bad because I actually forgot her birth date!

But of course, a birthday hug was good enough for her.. Although I'd like to stay back a little longer and chat, I do have a golf game early tomorrow morning.


By the way, I think 2012 is a cross of War of The World and Day After Tomorrow.

Nov 15, 2009

I went Brazillian!

“If you want to sell the house you’ve got to mow the lawn.” - Marilyn Jaeger

Did it hurt? BIG TIME!!

Will I do it again? DEFINITELY!!

Why, you asked? IT SO WORTH IT!!

More story on this, visit my other blog!

Meet Bubo!

For you online shoppers, this can be a great news.

Have you ever get excited when you see something on a website and decided that you want to purchase it after so much thought, and then discovered that they don't ship internationally? Or sometimes, they do just not to your country.. Sucks, isn't it?

I always get that. Especially with unknown or new US labels. It's so disappointing at times that it put me off online shopping sometimes.

And then I came across Ship2Me. Ship2Me provides a US address and steeply discounted shipping for international consumers who want to buy items from US retailers online. Simply, it's a package forwarding service.

Plus, they have this cute mascot of an owl! Go try already.. I am gonna get my golf irons soon and use this service!

Nov 14, 2009

Dinner at home this year!

Pic taken from here

It's decided! I am going to do dinner at home this year!

How many days to Christmas?? Not long now... I am going to do small family dinner with just me, Bo, my sister and close friends on Christmas's eve, just to keep the tradition going... I am already planning on getting the real Christmas tree from Ikea.. because my Christmas tree is pathetically small and I don't have space to store huge fake Christmas tree and the ornaments.

So this year, there will be no restaurant.. no getting stuck in traffic in downtown KL.. I am going to order turkey or lamb leg from La Bodega, like I used to do and just get a few bottles of wine to complement the dinner. The liquors need to be finished anyway.. We've been having it for years!

I used to do dinner at home for Christmas eves but last year, we were too lazy so we opted to go to Bo's favorite French restaurant instead. And I am excited to be doing dinner party again this year!

I am sure to take a lot of photos & some videos too! I am getting a video cam for Christmas as part of Christmas present series. I will definitely share them with you guys.

By the way, you can now share your files (photos, documents etc) and make money at the same time? Just upload and start making money.. And, you're gonna love it for the speed, the service and the support from their team. Try it! I think I'm switching too (I've been using Mediafire).

Nov 12, 2009


If you want to know how Fendi Peekaboo looks like, here's the photo and the link:

GORGEOUS! Isn't it?

Like most girls, I am crazy, no I mean I am CRAZY about classic bags... I don't care the designer, as long as it's classic looking.. Classic in my dictionary refers to something that won't go out of style and can be carried/worn from teenagers to grannies, stylish grannies that is..

But I am still contemplating whether I should go to this and be on the list.. Hmmm.. At more than RM7k each, I'd say I'll wait at least until I got my hands on that Dior... and my wishlist still has Birkin all over it!

I am wishing that money grows on trees, it'd sure helps in our economical challenged times... Or at least "someone" would be kind enough to give me prepaid visa so I can shop online with ease.. After all, what better excuse to shop? Christmas is just around the corner!

That Fendi? There's always next year!

Nov 11, 2009

Dine with petai..

Pic taken from here

Oh my! My stomach hasn't stopped growling (and not because I'm hungry) and I just had a piece!

I went to meet up with an old friend who I haven't seen in ages last night. We decided to have dinner at Madam Kwan Pavilion. As I was busy talking to Yvonne, Bo made the order.. Fish Head Curry, Sambal Prawn with Petai and Mixed Vegetable... Not exactly a balanced diet but that's how simple he is.

Anyway, when they tasted the petai, everyone was saying how delicious it was. I was tempted to try.. Mind you, I have never tasted petai in my whole entire life.. I can't even stand the smell! Before I know it, I was scooping a spoonful of Petai onto my plate. I took one, and when the taste registered, I had to literally swallow it with lots of water! And I think that lots of water made me full, I didn't enjoy the rest of my food...

But, of course I enjoyed the evening. Talking and catching up on old time. We realized how many things and people have changed. If it's not for Bo calling it an early night, we would have stayed on for dessert.. just like old times!

Oh... on the way home last night, Bo told me that those petai will give me gas and I'd be passing gas more often. A fact that he failed to tell me before I put them on my plate and in my mouth! True enough.. I am still feeling bloated! I am never touching petai again in my entire life!

By the way, since we are nearing the year end.. maybe it's time that you have new website design for your company or personal website to usher in 2010. Please visit here business web design for negotiable price on stylish, modern looking design combined with high performance and functionality.

Nov 10, 2009

Routine, online.

Even though I shouldn't be, I actually have daily 'computer routine'... If there is no golfing activities in the morning, that is..

I wake up in the morning, head straight to the home office to turn the computer on, and while waiting for it to "rev up", I would go make a cup of coffee and toast a slice of bread. Breakfast normally accompanied by reruns of Oprah Winfrey show.

The first site I'd see are my emails (yes, I have more than one.. don't we all?), followed by Facebook, a couple online forums.. then only I'd be blog-walking. I enjoy reading a lot of blogs whether I know the author(s) or not. And normally I read them for unbiased reviews of services and products.. It doesn't hurt that they have nice pictures & videos too!

And recently, I've been reading a lot of funny blogs... Just to cheer me up... And there this Fail Blog that I recently came across. It's funny and has serious sarcasm in the jokes and it's called failure! And you can actually share yours too!

Nov 9, 2009

Sexy songs.. I like!

I have been uploading songs from some new CDs since last weekend. My iTunes really need updating. Since I decided to switch it to the desktop rather than Fuji, I have to "re-upload" all the songs from my CDs, so the next time I sync my Ipod, some of the songs will be gone... Don't ask me how, but all the songs in my iTunes disappeared after I plug it into the desktop (the iTunes has been stored in my external hard drive)..

Anyway, I was rearranging the songs into playlists... I have many playlists, all according to mood and function. I hardly listen to my iPod on random/shuffle mode. If I were to do that, it'll take more than a year to listen to every song! One of my playlists is called "Sexy Mood", I am not sure about you but sometimes, songs can really get us in the mood. And I always make sure that this playlists songs last for at least 2 hours..*blush* Often time, same song being repeated over & over again.. And they don't have to be jazzy.. My all time favorite will definitely be Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On, or Dave Koz/Joey Diggs' Nothing But The Radio On.. I've got some more but that would be telling too much! Hehehe..

Out of curiosity, I actually googled the sexiest song of all time.. sure enough my MG's favorite is on top of almost all the sexy song list.. Rolling Stones' top 5 sexiest song of all time are:

“Let’s Get It On” – Marvin Gaye
“Closer” – Nine Inch Nails
“Darling Nikki” – Prince
“Like A Virgin” – Madonna
“Sex Machine” – James Brown

Nov 7, 2009

Wedding favors and such!

While on my trip to Bali recently, I came across this fabulous small woven boxes with sequins all over! And a whole bunch of 25 pieces, I just paid around RM50.00 (that's RM2.00 a piece!).. I thought to myself, that would be a great party favors or souvenirs for my girlfriends!

Though my brother and his fiancee haven't really decided on the date of their big day just yet, the whole family members are anticipating it big time because it's been a while since we had a big celebration.. The last one would be my wedding and that was like more than 3 years ago!

These cute boxes can be their wedding favors.. Who cares about the color! I think theme color is so cliche, but then again it's really up to the bride & groom.. But if color coordination is your thing, go ahead check out this company Partease website for ideas.. I'm not sure whether they do International Shipping but I'm sure they have plenty of ideas for your wedding favors and bridal showers.

By the way, at my wedding, though my dress and Bo's shirt was shades of green (I had garden sunset wedding).. everything else was colorful.. My party favor was colorful candies in colorful traditional Bajau small baskets... I love splashes of colors, it cheers me up!

Nov 3, 2009

R&R in Bali

I just came back from a weekend in Bali.. I was there from Saturday until yesterday (Monday).. I thought I had to cancel this trip, but luckily I didn't and it turned out to be a nice rest & relax trip for me.

My aunt, who's an expat staying in Bali currently, has already checked into Ubud Hanging Garden. I was picked up from the airport almost 2 hours late, apparently due to miscommunication between the front office people and the driver. But, I got there finally and decided not to tip the driver for his lateness. The view from the room was so breathtakingly beautiful that I felt calm and relaxed right away. That very day, we had spa session after tea and dinner after spa.. The spa experience was just okay.. Dinner was great!

View from our room, a pura (temple)

Ubud Hanging Garden

More pictures here

After breakfast and some tarot card reading session the next day, we checked out and made our way to an organic restaurant called Sari Organic, located in Ubud. We had to park our car by the main road and walked all the way through the paddy field about 1 km one way to get to the restaurant. It was hot! but the scenery was to die for and I really didn't mind walking... (They provide motorcycle pick up service). I had organic brown rice fried with soya tofu.. It was delicious! After lunch, I did power shopping at Sukawati and came back with 10 beach dresses, some souvenirs, a traditional Balinese drum for Bo, a painting and some woven jewelry boxes. All for less than two million Rupiah.

The next morning, we went to Bvlgari Resort in Uluwatu just for breakfast and spa visit. My aunt's friend, who's also a Spa Director in Los Cabos wanted to see how it looks like since they are using the same products. The food was ok but all of us agreed that the use of so many black colors in the resort made it look depressing.. And the service was under expectation... We werenot impressed!

The Bvlgari Villas

After breakfast, I was dropped at the airport for my flight home... I had time to shop at the duty free and that's exactly what I did but the I still had some spare rupiah.. which all went to the charity pouch MAS was giving out in the name of Mercy Malaysia.


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