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29 July 2010

The other woman


My husband, Bo confessed to me a few days ago that he has a celebrity crush! My husband? Bo? Are you kidding me?

He told me he was watching SYTYCD one night. Being a person who doesn’t like dancing and doesn’t like watching Reality TV Show; that coming from him surprised me, Big Time!  Before I can give him the look, he said it's not really the dancing he was watching, he claimed to be mesmerized by Cat Deeley's pretty face.  As much as he hates the high pitched voice of Mary Murphy's, he was willing to hear it just to see Cat Deeley.

Pic was taken from TV Guide
If I were to be jealous, I’d be silly…  Because I too like Cat Deeley and her sense of dressing! She’s very stylish and yup, pretty too.  In fact, everytime I turned on SYTYCD, I secretly wait for Cat Deeley’s appearance to see what she was wearing.

Pic was taken from TV Squad

You see, even without make up she looks this good, at least not as bad as how Kim Kardashian looked without makeup..

From here

26 July 2010

I want an iPad!

Remember my wishlist?  Scrap that item no 5... I'm replacing it with something more important, more desirable.

My new wishlist no 5 is....


  1. I suck at touch screen phone so I won't use iPhone but I need something "i" that doesn't end with pod.
  2. I want something slimmer and smaller than my Fuji but bigger than my BB.
  3. All the apps I can upload to iPad are the cool ones!

Did you know that you can control your home theater with your iPad through the Control 4 system? Not only that, you can control the security, the appliances, lights etc.. I've been wracking my brain trying to remember that one movie with this system..  It's an old movie, not sure who acted in it.. But I remember about a girl and a boy held hostage in their own house and the kidnapper was trying to get a CD containing some serious government shit.. Ok.. If you guys saw this movie and remember the title, please let me know.. I hate it when I can't put my fingers on it!! Argh!!

Anyway, as I was saying, the iPad can work for a lazy person like me... Maybe I'll get one just for the apartment... Of course I'll be needing that Bose home theater system to match it... hehehe.. 

However, the Control 4 needs to be set up and configured by a professional/dealer.  How does it work, you ask? Here's what I copied from Control 4 web.

Too bad Malaysia hasn't got a dealer for this yet.. I'm gonna suggest this to a friend who's running CCTV business to see if they can bring this in to our shore.  I can see this as the thing for the future.. just like me going to that Phoenix Beauty School for a year! 

And the true reason why I want an iPad is because I want to get in all the craze, and I don't want to get an iPhone 4g.


25 July 2010


I have been wanting to run my own business since I left the corporate world more than three years ago.  I have formed a Sdn Bhd with my dad, but the company is just a name.. not doing anything because we have not found anything we are passionate enough or qualified enough to venture into.

Remember I mentioned about wanting to open a wax salon in KK? I have contacted the main office in Singapore and I had to put it on hold for what happened in the last couple of months... Maybe it's time that I re-contact them.

But I have this "vision".. to actually open a one-stop salon for everything to do with grooming, from hair removal, to nails, to hair, to skin care and make-up.  And a day spa on top of that.. massage, scrub, milk bath etc.. Cherry on cake will be having a babysitting service or baby day care for mothers who need to bring along their toddlers.

Kohler Academy

Won't that be a heaven on earth for all women?  God given right?  Ultimate treat? Etc? Etc?

This is achievable.  But of course I need to have certain qualification and education in order to do this.. I need to learn about hair, skin, nails, body and so on..

And then there's this Arizona beauty school called Kohler Academy that offers all that in one academy.  This academy covers everything I need to know about grooming and more.

  • Personal and professional development
  • Interpersonal skills and professional ethics
  • Theory of cosmetology, anatomy, physiology, and histology of the body, electricity, diseases, and disorders
  • Theory of infection control
  • State cosmetology laws and rules
  • Clinical and laboratory cosmetology, including theory that involves nails, hair, and skin
  • Principles and practices of infection control and safety
  • Recognition of diseases and the treatment of disorders of the hair, skin, and nails
  • Morphology and treatment of hair, skin, and nails
  • Interpersonal skills and professional ethics
  • Product pharmacology and chemistry interaction, formulation, composition, and hazards
  • Cosmetology machines, tools, and instruments and their related uses
  • Chemical texturizing
  • Changing existing hair color
  • Hair and scalp care
  • Fundamentals of hairstyling, including braiding and extensions
  • Body, scalp, and facial massage and manipulations
  • Hair cutting fundamentals
  • Fundamental aesthetics of the body and face
  • Fundamentals of nail technology
  • Clinical and laboratory practice that includes hair, skin, and nails
  • Alternative hair, skin, and nail technology
  • Pre- and post-client consultation, documentation, and analysis
  • Body and facial hair removal (except by electrolysis or laser)
  • Cosmetology technology
  • Required industry standards and ecology, including monitor duties

This is what said in their website:

Students in the Cosmetology Program study a basic foundation of courses in anatomy, hair sculpting and cutting, shampooing, grooming tools, sanitation, and hygiene using Pivot Point International’s world-renown Designer's Approach-based cirriculum. Advanced courses cover the methods and products involved in changing hair texture and color, skin therapy, nail care, and makeup application.

The only problem is that the academy is in USA.. and the training takes 11 months.. that's almost a year.  As much as I like it, the idea of leaving everything behind to start learning a new thing is out of the question..

So, let me try just a simple wax salon first, yes?

24 July 2010

Losing it!

I am so going to lose weight..

Because I won't care what people say about loving myself or my body no matter how they look... It's beyond looks - I am now in between sizes.. literally! I can't fit into S/4/6 size but size M/6/8 looks slobbish on me!

I lost ONE kg in the past week.. ONE! Didn't really make me happy.. It's still in the 50's region.  And I won't be happy until I lose five more kgs.

So, in order to motivate myself, I am promising myself an Herve, in size S if I manage to lose five kgs by Christmas... In fact, I'll throw in a pair of classic Loubie if I manage to lose it earlier!

My idol? Mrs. Becks, the epitome of bone skinny girl herself!

You'd know if I lose that 5kgs if I post a picture of me in these fabulous pieces at a Christmas dinner! :)

18 July 2010

Wishlist Vol. 3

Since my last two sets of wishlists, 2008 and 2009, I have achieved and therefore crossed some from the list.  Although, it's sad to say that last year's wishlist was kind of neglected because of our "baby making process".

However, don't think that I'm going to forget that this year although we're already on the second half of the year.  I'm just gonna share my wishlist with all of you so that you know what I was thinking before I go to bed every night..

1) This has always been in the list.. Although I always wanted pink color, I have made it "easier" to achieve by not being too picky on the color.  I have put down my name at Hermes and the waiting list is currently 3 - 5 years. *sigh*  If I really can't wait already, I'll probably get a pre-owned piece.

2) Saujana Residency Subang - I like this one but it's too pricey for now.  Since I am not working therefore not eligible for loans... I am hoping that one day, I get to call one of the units here my own.

3) A Cushion Cut - What else can I say.. it's a girl's bestfriend! And I'm yet to have a very comfy one at that!

4) Cartier Love Bracelet with Diamond - OK! This one has increased in price since the last time I inquired, I couldn't afford it back then, and still can't afford it now... But really.. this year will be perfect to get this!

5) A Victoria Beckham dress (and a body to carry it off!)  - I love the clean sleek cut of a dress especially like the ones designed by Mrs Becks herself.

So there you have it! Let see if I can cross some of them off from my list this year.  From last year's list, I only managed to acquire one which was the golf set. I got Callaway W-22 at more than RM4k.. and it has given me great pleasure.

By the way, did you know how Jane Birkin looks like? I googled to find very sensual lady who was not shy of her sexuality. She has appeared nude in photos with Bridgette Bardot!  This is her picture from back then...

And this is how she looks like now at 60+ years old!

16 July 2010

Fighting Gravity

I haven't had time to blog in between paperworks, accounting and hypnotherapy (yes, I've started my therapy).

But I came across this video posted by my sister on facebook this morning and I was so impressed that I'd like to share them with you.

These boys are from Virginia Tech.. Isn't that where the massacre happened in 2007? One that saw a  Korean American student going crazy and killed his college mates before killing himself?

Anyway, enjoy these videos and be impressed!

12 July 2010

A guide to Spain.. :D

I lost count of the number of times I have been alone these past months.  It's all because Bo's business up North requires him to travel up almost every week and I don't think that it's a good idea for me to tag along every time.

He left again this morning after watching the world cup final, a breakfast and a quick nap.. So here I am again thinking what should I do for the next three days.

I have an appointment to a session tomorrow.  I will blog about this soon.

Last month, I blogged about being alone and mentioned about my bet with Bo on the world cup.  He had three teams he was rooting for; Argentina, Holland & Brazil while I had two Italy & Spain.  I chose Italy for the fact that because they were defending champion and I really don't mind going there again, for the food & fashion! And Spain because I've never been.  And the fact that all thing Spanish is sexy!  I didn't know that they have never made it to the final before this! I thought my Spanish holiday dream was shattered so early when the lost to the Swiss in the first round.. Ha!

Lonely Planet Country Guide Spain (Lonely Planet Spain)

I am gonna get this Lonely Planet Book soon! A guide book to Spain.  I think it's beginner's luck! Someone lost his bet and paying a hefty price!

Just so you know, I played along at PredictorPro and was accumulating points. My prediction on the final was a spot on! 1-0 to Spain!

10 July 2010

Theme Party Idea

I love Katy Perry!! and I don't care if if you use that to judge me! LOL!

I am so looking forward to her new album due 30 Aug, but more than anything, I am hoping that I can get a ticket to MTV Worldstage 2010 at Sunway Lagoon because she will be performing! I'm trying my luck everyday!

Anyway, here's the music video of California Gurls feat. Snoop Dog

Here's the link to the video if you can't view it.  Katy Perry California Gurls feat Snoop Dog.

And then it occurs to me, this video would be nice for my birthday party theme... Instead of Mad Hatters Tea Party! What do you guys think?  Isn't it cute?  Even for a (grown-up, 30 something) tea party?

It'd be sweet setting and crazy costumes! Birthday at Candyfornia Land!

More pics here : California Gurls Music Video Still Photo Gallery.

09 July 2010

Waxing the Wood

Something silly happened the night before.. I was anticipating Bo's return from his trip, so I burned some essential oil.  I put one of the burners on a wooden table.

As I was stepping out of the shower, I could smell strong scent of wax burning.  I quickly went out to see that the tea-light candle was burning AS A WHOLE, not just the wick... I tried putting out the fire by air blowing them, failed! The fire got even bigger and I actually blew the candle out of its cradle with the hot wax and burning fire  came pouring on the wooden table top! I ran to the kitchen and splashed water on them..

I left it overnight.

The next day, I check the damage it did to the wooden table... More worried about the "burn" rather than the wax, I felt relieved to see there wasn't much to notice anyway..

But I was worried that I might damage the wooden table more if I were to scrap the wax off using knife, ruler, etc.. And then it crossed my mind... I used the hairdryer to melt my hair removal wax, I thought I can do the same with this... So, I tried...

I used kitchen towel to wipe off the wax as it melted... And it disappeared like magic!!

Here's the after look at the same spot after getting the "waxing treatment"

There's burnt marks but it's ok, at least I don't have to get a new one!

Oh ya! My apartment didn't smell lavender that night.

08 July 2010

Oh my Gosh... There's so many ways to love ya!

Oh my Gosh... There's so many ways to love ya!

I can't get this tune and lyric out of my head! I am in love again, with Usher after the flame "died" in my late 20's..

Anyway, Usher did not disappoint in his dancing and hotness! But I was a bit disappointed that he only did medley of his older songs, I was wishing he sang them in full version.  But more than anything, I enjoyed his sexiness, manliness and whatever "-ness" he possess.. He's officially my fantasy ehem right now.. LOL!

Ok Ok, enough with the talk... Here's pictures.. Dedicated to Daniel... hehehe

Those people standing up paid RM300++ for their tickets.. I think it wasn't worth it.

My gfs capturing the before.. and I think the stage setting!

One for the album... We were excited!

People stood up at the announcement of the Queen's arrival

But I suspected that our attention was intentionally diverted because Usher and his crews was arriving in those MPVs at around 9.10PM... 

I was right! The MPVs kept coming.. 

I was getting MORE EXCITED! as you can see.. 

Yup! It was definitely Usher.. and when people started realizing, there was loud screaming!!

Less than a minute later, lights were dimmed... Intro video came out on the big screen.. Screams again!

Usher came out on top of the stairs on the stage!  First song, Caught Up.

Captured this from the big screen. 

This too!

See how hot he was!? He was so hot that he had to pour water on himself!!

Audience was crazy! But we thought this girl (in the middle of this pic) is the craziest!  She was on fire!


All sweaty because Usher was so hot!

And Usher's ride back arrived...

THUMBS UP for not letting us wait for more than an hour, like most international artists did.  We waited about 40 minutes.  Concert went on for about one and half hour and he closed the show with OMG.