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31 August 2010

Hypnotherapy & me : The Process

My session on the first day started with me & Julian chatting a lot about my background and focusing on areas that I'd like to see improvement on, i.e relationship or marriage, infertility issue, family value etc.

I was so excited to get hypnotized, but my first ever session didn't include hypnosis.  More on understanding why I was so angry and how to "snap off" from that emotion.  I learned about how to manipulate the emotion to do something better or to think and feel better.  I must say, things that used to irritate me now looks funny.

But on my second and consequent visits, I was hypnotized for 15 minutes every time. If I asked you to "imagine" how it'd work, you would think that I sat on a reclined chair, with my eyes closed and oblivious to my surrounding and answer the therapist every question honestly, revealing my darkest secret and fantasy... right?

Sorry to say, that only happens on TVs.. Not with Julian.

Photo Credit

There were no pendulum pocket watch or reclined chair involved.  Just me, Julian and some soothing background music.

Instead of a Q and A session, it was more like Julian telling me to close my eyes and he'd start counting down slowly until I am fully relaxed.  All the while, I'd be sitting upright on a chair with my hands on my lap.  He'd then tell me to visualize peaceful mind and calm emotion and how it surge through every fiber of my being... You know like instilling ideas into my head, nice positive ideas..

If you want to relate it to Inception, you can.. it's almost the same! Minus the action, the guns, the building and Leo, of course.

You need full concentration the first 5 minutes, you can't be hungry because the growl from your tummy would just spoil it.  But after the 5 minutes, you'd forget that you had tummy ache, or you'd not feel anything.

It'd be like you are in deep sleep but you could hear the sound from the air-con, Julian's voice, the door being opened and closed etc.  You want to open your eyes and see what's going on but you can't! It's like your eyelids are glued!

And when Julian started counting down again to open your eyes, you started to get control of your eyes slowly.  And when you open your eyes, it'd feel like you just woke up from a nap. Lightheaded and all.

28 August 2010

Hypnotherapy & me

Photo credit

When you google search "hypnotherapy", the results always show sites related to stop smoking campaign etc., because most people actually use this method to kick the bad habit.

But when I searched for a local hypno-therapist in late June, it wasn't for that reason.  Let me share with you my experience with this very rare practice in Malaysia.  Just for sharing, with no intention to promote.  This is personal and me opening up to my readers like this is like showing my private life openly, so please respect my effort. ya?

Because although it doesn't show or reflect on my FB or blog, I was actually a very angry person.  It was taking its toll on my relationship with Bo & my family.  I got irritated and annoyed easily and got upset and sulked at petty issues.  I shouted & screamed and almost suicidal at one point.

I am not sure what caused me to be that way.. Maybe I am just frustrated with life and with what happened to my pregnancies and my dad recently.  I thought everybody wasn't being fair to me and I felt so unappreciated.  I pick fault with everybody and everyone looked either stupid or heartless.  The worst thing was I blamed everybody around me for this but I never look at "me".

And then I realized that maybe it's me and not "them"... I started to realize because I have a life partner who isn't scared of telling me what he honestly thinks of me and what changed and how I've become.  Then I made it a point to listen to him rather than retaliate, because I was open to critics and wanted to make an effort to change for the better.  I was thinking this is for the sake of our relationship, above all.

Bo mentioned that maybe I should get professional help.  I was taking my sweet time looking for a psychologist because I know that would cost a lot! Then, one day I was chatting on Skype with an aunt when the subject of hypnotherapy came out.  She told me of her friends’ experiences and how they worked.  I was eager to try.

I came across a Hypnotherapist who I can call a friend now through his website  I made an appointment and went to see him together with Bo to find out more about the process.  Julian explained to us how it works and how we can concentrate on some areas we are most concerned of like our relationship as husband and wife and my relationship with the rest of my family members.

Knowing that there will be no harm in trying whatever I can to make the positive changes in me, I signed up for a package session and a lifetime friendship with my hypnotherapist, Julian.

I'll blog on the process and the results in parts.. Until then!

26 August 2010

Dress Code

Starting today I will be stationed three days a week at the project's site office.  The project here refers to the condo development that we (our company) are marketing exclusively.

I thought there'd be ten of us in this project's team, but apparently three people have been cut off from the job because of some issues that the client (developer) wasn't happy about.

To be exact, it's appearance issue.  Apparently, these people are too sloppy to represent the project.  And I kinda agree...
Photo credit

First of all, it's true and I agree that you shouldn't judge a person by what he/she is wearing.  Because the "ah-pek" in a singlet and short may be a millionaire and a potential property investor and a suave looking guy in a suit may just be a sales assistant in a boutique.

But, if you are a professional sales person and you are representing a multi-million Ringgit worth of property, you should know how to present yourself professionally, right?  Would you be in jeans and t-shirt?

Because that was how they dressed up when we were having a meeting/briefing with the developers for the first time.  And they wonder why they weren't chosen to be in the team?

And to think that one of them came up to me on my third day of work and said "Mimi, why do you always want to dress up? No need to impress anybody.. you can come to office wearing T-shirt & jeans.. I'm sure you have jeans"..  I thought about it for a moment, considering her suggestion and decided that my style is personal so I replied "I'd rather over-dress than under-dress, thank you! I'll leave my pair of jeans for traveling or weekends"

How would you consider/define "casual" when it comes to work? For me, casual means a pant and a simple top. Not a pair of jeans, and definitely not T-shirts (polo or crew neck or whatever neck)

22 August 2010

Old apartment pictures.

I wasn't sure what to blog about, I wanted to blog about the new job but all I learned in the last week is confidential so I won't be sharing the details with you guys.  I haven't gone out meeting new people and do the selling per se, but I have made new friends i.e. new co-workers.  Interesting bunch they are, one in particular for her weird attitude.  I tweeted her antics the last few days.

Anyway, I still can't enjoy the weekend.  Yesterday I was swamped with paperworks (I'm still helping Bo with his claims and stuffs) and didn't have any meal the whole day! I was practically "puasa-ing" and by 6.30pm I was so starving.  So, the Ramadan buffet with some 10+ friends at KGSAAS was heavenly!

Full & lazy to continue my paperworks, I went through my old albums because I'm thinking of switching the pictures in the frames.  And of course I came across some old skinny pictures of me.  And then, I realized maybe it's time I re-arrange all my soft-copy in the external hard drive, that way, I won't worry about the CDs being scratched or damaged.  While I was doing that, I realized that many of my pictures are actually missing! One in particular that breaks my heart is our honeymoon pictures in Rome, and pre-wedding trip to HCMC, Vietnam and Shanghai! I searched high and low for these pictures and still couldn't find them... Good that at least I got the printed copy. But still...

And then I came across pictures of my old apartment when I was having "re-decorating" moments.  All the stuffs in that apartment were so cheap that it broke down not long after that.  So here I'm sharing the pictures!

The Red & Black combo.

Before Noah, I had a baby named Chloe

I have since sold the apartment to a young couple.

16 August 2010

FIVE real reasons

There are FIVE real reasons why I chose to get a job rather than start a business:

  1. I do not know what sort of business I'd like to have
  2. I have contacted a few franchise businesses and none of them really appeal to me
  3. The ones that were appealing didn't respond to me or really expensive and I do not want to get a loan to start a business
  4. I am bored to death of my non-productive times at home, and will only bother Bo more and will eventually gets him super annoyed.
  5. I want to take my mind off some crazy things I've been thinking
BUT, most importantly, I want to earn my own money so I can start striking through my wishlist one by one..

First Day at work!

So I decided to try being a Real Estate Negotiator with Henry Butcher, because I know this is not an office bound job and there is no basic salary and that we survive on commission alone.  Basically something I'd like to do since there's the super flexibility in time & income.

I'll probably be blogging more about my job as I progress, since I'll be meeting interesting (I hope) people along the way.

15 August 2010

Shoeing off!

This post I dedicate specially to Carol and Ennie.  And also to my other shoe-crazy friends who have been bugging me to show off my pathetic shoe collection.

I am not a shoe addict.. I don't go buying shoe on impulse.. I buy them ONLY if they look cute, comfort is secondary.  I don't match my bag & shoe, they always mismatch. Because I always try to draw attention to just one item at a time.

The shoe I got this week just for my new job is this..

Very professional looking right?

So.. here's my shoe/footwear collection.  But remember, don't judge a girl by her shoes!

I gave away a lot of shoes when I moved here a year ago.

My work shoes. 

My Stuart Weitzman is rosak but so sayang to throw because so expensive.. 

and I just realized that my shoes are mostly Nine West & Aldo.  pathetic, I know... Hehehe...

14 August 2010


Spotted this weeks ago, thought it best represents me today!

I celebrated my 33rd birthday yesterday..  Happened to be Friday the 13th in the middle of Hungry Ghost Festival.  But that didn't damper my celebratory spirit.. hehe..  Because after all, it's Ramadan and the Muslim believe that during the month of Ramadan, devils are locked away.. which I'm sure include Freddy & Jason. :D

Ok this sounds superstitious but yesterday my T&G card read RM33.33 and when we passed the Mont Kiara toll, it deducted RM3.30 which gave new balance of RM30.03.. Superstitious much!? I hope it means my 33rd year is the most successful and I hit my first million Ringgit! :P


Nicole & I started celebrating the night before.  We went for dinner and some drink.  It was fun and I got to meet new people.  I also got "a bit" drunk and went back at 3.00 am! Had crazy hangover the day of my birthday.  But, I kept telling myself, it's ok for just once in a year event. :P

Lime shot! Yikes!

Bo woke me up the next morning with a phone call at 11.00 am (he had a business meeting in the morning), telling me to get ready to go out at 3.00 pm.  Of course we didn't go out until almost 6pm! *wink wink*

We were indecisive whether we should go to our favorite French restaurant or to a Ramadan Buffet dinner somewhere nice.  But KL traffic on a rainy Friday evening made us decide that Le Bouchon is harder to reach and since we were starving, we settled for buffet at the Mandarin Oriental.. In fact, I can enjoy some shopping at KLCC.

Bo gave me cash because he doesn't know what I want, and smart of him because now I can't really demand anything leather or diamonds, right? With the birthday angpau from Bo, I bought a pair of Thomas Sabo's starfish earrings that I've always wanted, a few working shirts and a working shoe.

Because I forgot to mention, last week I accepted a job offer (I know it's not even September) and I need to get ready for it.. I start on Monday!

11 August 2010

Guess & Casino Games

On the 5th of August, Nic and I went to the preview of the new jeans collection by Guess.  The theme was Denim Chic.  I wore a short stripey Black & White dress and a denim jacket, an ensemble I worked around my Guess wedges.  Nic’s ensemble was Black & Red, a great match for her pair of Loubie & Red LV Brea!

We were served champagne and punch and were shown a fashion show.  Most of the new denim collections are obviously jeans but it’s more towards pencil jeans and skinny jeans and jeggings.  Even the skinny model wearing them showed a little bit of muffin top… Leave alone, a “chubby” one like me.  So, I bought a pair of dress instead.

We met friends, we mingled and we went wandering around Pavilion after that.  It ended at around 6pm and I can’t help but show off what’s inside the goodies bag.

Goodies Bag - current issue of HB, Guess catalogue, Guess gold clutch/makeup bag (Nic got a black color)
and a discount voucher from FJ Benjamin

We arrived early so that we can have our lunch there before going into the event venue, which was the Guess outlet on the lower ground floor.  Nic & I sat at the Coffee Bean at that area overlooking the outlet so we’d know when the event starts, we could scoot over.  While we were enjoying our meal, a very foxy sexy lady walked past us, with air of self confidence about her, so much so that we thought she was almost a snob.  All the CB’s patrons’ eyes were on her, watching her as she strutted down the staircase and towards Guess glass door.  She was wearing a pair of reflective aviator sunglass that I thought was too dark for indoor.  She walked and walked and smacked the glass door, all the while oblivious to the signage at the door saying entrance was on the other door.  Everybody was laughing so hard!

The girl in green is the smack onto glass girl... If you want to see her face, you got to see it on current issue of HB..

I was supposed to talk about casino games, but I have already blogged about how Chinese New Year is like at my granny’s place and the casino activities there. Besides, it’s still half a year away.   But if any of you can’t wait for the holidays (always the time to “unfold the table” for us), you can always go to casino games online to practice or try your luck!

07 August 2010

I love Labels

I am writing this en-route from KL to Kedah.  Yup, when most of you are enjoying the weekend, I have to work.  I have twitted the other day that I was requested to put on head scarf for this particular presentation, as a courtesy to our clients who are mostly religious Muslim.  I will try to take some pictures.

I am actually excited to blog about this new online concept I discovered recently.  It’s called I love label.  It’s like an online bidding process for various items like electronic, fashion, food & movie vouchers etc.  

How does it work, you ask?  You register an account with them.  You purchase bid credits (it’s at RM2.00 per bid, you can buy them in bulk and it gets cheaper the more you buy).  Then, you browse the site for items you’d like to bid, and wait for the bidding time.  When bidding time comes, you log in for a bidding war...  The bidding time is very short i.e. 2 minutes, whoever the last one to bid (which also the highest) will win the item.

Screen shot of the pre-bid items.

So, if nobody bids along for the same item you want, you may get to buy that item much cheaper than in the market.

The live bidding will start on the 8th of August.  If you sign up now, you stand a chance to win an iPad.  Blog about it and spread the news, I love Label will give you 10 bid credits.  Here’s how

Isn’t it exciting and something new?  I already can’t wait to start bidding this weekend with my 15 bid credits!

Oh By the way, you can also get live update from their facebook page!

03 August 2010

The KFC Story

The KFC story goes like this:

Yesterday, Bo & I went to PJ to send some documents and then we decided to do foot reflexology since my legs especially the calves were still sore from Saturday night. When we called to make an appointment, they're fully booked until 7pm.  Since it was only 5.30pm, we thought maybe we should get light dinner first.

So we drove back to Section 13 and went into Giant for a quick bite.  Since the food court are all using polystyrene plates & cutleries, I decided to boycott them.  I didn't feel like going to Secret Recipe because I know the cakes will entice me.  And then I smelled the aroma of KFC, who can resist that?

After telling Bo what I wanted, I sat.  Bo knows that I do not eat KFC with bare hands, like I used to when I was much younger.  So he asked for cutleries for me, at first he was given the plastic ones (bear in mind, we were dining in, NOT ordering a take out).  He of course refused them and asked for stainless steel fork & knife.  And he was given WET spoon & fork.  Now tell me, how do you cut chicken with a spoon? Since he was on the phone, he didn't realized he was given spoons.  So when he sat, I got up to change the spoon for knife at the counter.

Me: Hi, can I change these spoons for knives?

Amie (the KFC counter girl):  We don't have.

Me: Mmmm, can you at least check?

Amie: *Rummaged through the cutleries holder and found two knives that have seen better days. Holding the blades with her bare hand and passed them to me.*

Me: Err.. thanks.. can I have some napkin please? *It wasn't given to Bo when he ordered.*

Amie: What?

Me: Tissue

Amie: No tissue, no napkin.

So I left to get a 30 cents tissue pack at the convenient store.

When I got back and started eating, I also started to realize many faults of this particular KFC restaurant.  The floor was so dirty with leftovers and spills, the glass wall is smeared with what looked like oily palm, the table's dirty and the food isn't up to our expectation.. Even the chicken tasted funny, like it has been fried twice or recycled.

Just as we look around, I spotted a small cockroach!  Inside a food outlet, that would only mean one thing: DIRTY!! 

What happened to our beloved childhood glorious food? Don't mind the rude server... The quality of food is so bad and cleanliness & hygiene are not their priority anymore.  Bo has left a complaint on the feedback box and we want to see what they have to say, or more importantly if they are going to do anything about it at all!

02 August 2010

Of Music & Rain

The only other time I've been to Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon was in 2006 (I think) for Pussy Cat Dolls Concert with girlfriends Easter & Phoebe.  I couldn't really enjoy it back then because a) It's not numbered & seated, b) whoever comes first gets the front row c) Short people won't be able to see the stage d) I am short! and the list goes on...

Poncho & fan

At the MTV world stage, it wasn't any different! In fact, I think it's worse because it was raining and again, the waiting time between artists were too long!

Anyway, there were apparently 15,000 people in the audience that night.  Most of them below 20 years old.. Which made me feel like an aunty in age denial. Good thing was I made new friends,  four of them.. and they're 12!  Nic even remarked how good I was with children.. ha..ha.. funny!

I tried capturing some photos but coming out from my BB, it's a bit blur-ish.. But I want to share them just the same!

The line was soooo long that it reached the main road.  Luckily we had express/x-zone

The crowd - Bunkface opened the concert
Bunkface energetic


Nobody Nobody but you!

Tokio Hotel!

His signature pose

Katy Perry stage entrance with a Banana Split!

First song : California Gurl

She threw giant cherry at the audience and she stuck her tongue out!
I like her candy wrapper back up singer

Hope you enjoy my blurry pictures! The world stage will premier on MTV on the 21st August 2010.. If you spot me in the crowd, wave!