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30 September 2010

Hello Sergio

I received an invitation to Sergio Rossi presentation of A/W 2010.  It was more like a chance of getting acquainted with it because although I've heard about the designer's name many times before, I've never really gotten to know it.

I was eager to learn about the design. Unlike Jimmy Choo, Sergio Rossi shoes are actually hand made by the artisans.  Each sole has a golden plate, it's like a trademark.  I can't help but comparing the designs to those of Giuseppe Zanotti maybe because both are Italian and the designs are eccentric and not conservative at all!

Oh ya! Btw, forget celebrities... Both Nic & me were excited to meet up a fellow blogger Vivy of Proudduck.


Can you spot me? This is the boutique in Starhill Gallery - Pic courtesy of Nic

The tea party was catered by Shook! and I'm loving the B&W theme!


This is a beauty!

The flats that I was thinking of getting until actually they showed my toe cleavage!

This picture doesn't do the color justice! And the platforms are surprisingly comfie!
Me at the table

Hi Nicole!

The manager introducing the collection
Stealing a picture of Nic's hot pink Louboutin!

I super love this one BUT... it's too expensive and too fragile!

I wanna see your peacock! Cock! Cock!

These two last pairs are the finale piece and they are sooo expensive! And not available off the rack, only custom made.

Lucky lady won RM500 voucher

Goodies bag

This is what's in the box - a leather bracelet

A closer look

Looky looky!!  This month's Harper's Bazaar.


By the way, these are what we got from Raoul A/W 10. A silk scarf!

And a catolog. 

Next event, Body Shop new fragrance launch at Farenheit88! 

28 September 2010

Raoul A/W 10

Nicole & me got invited to the preview of Raoul Autumn & Winter Collection 2010.  Not really a fan of the brand and to be honest, I have never been in their boutique. But I was quite impressed with the look, it's just that I think it's too overpriced for a Singaporean brand.

Apparently, Raoul was named after the first son of FJ Benjamin's owner.  FJ Benjamin is the person/company responsible in bringing in Guess, La Senza, Raoul & Gap etc to Malaysia.

I didn't take many picture because there was this photographer/fashion journalist who was always blocking my view... But at least I tried...

We were served champagne before the show
Me with champagne

Nic at Raoul A/W 10

This would look nice for preggers!

That's the color of the season for this label.

We also received door gift in a paper bag which was actually a piece of silk handkerchief/scarf in a box and a copy of the latest catalog. I will upload this picture later.

And by the way, at this event I saw someone I thought I knew. Only after she mentioned her name while introducing herself to the host that I get to confirm it was really her.  This woman's husband conned Bo more than half a million Ringgit in hard cash, with a bogus project! Anyway, the last thing I heard about her was that she has left her husband because he went bankrupt but I now know that she's also a cheat!  I heard stories.. the world is small.. :)

27 September 2010

Raya Pictures!

Hi guys, I promised you some pictures from my KK trip with the stories in my previous entry.  So here there are..

This is how the car looked after the impact

The fish for Laksa kuah!

Kuah Laksa ready to eat!

The sisters and a cousin 

I know most of you have already blogged or read about our little gathering at the Sailors on September 15.  This is the pictures from my camera!

With fellow lady bloggers from Sabah

With Carol at Sailors

21 September 2010

Raya this year!

I went back to KK early for Raya this year because more than anything, I wanted to know how my dad recuperated after his surgery.  I spent every day going out with him for breakfast, our regular menu would be fish head noodle soup and chicken soup.   That’s another good thing about KK, people don’t ask questions or stare when you don’t fast during Ramadan.

Anyway, so many things happened during this trip.

Let me start with first day of Raya.  My sister-in-law and I were nicely on our way out to do our hair when a 25-seater bus banged onto our car from behind causing the whole rear bumper to be badly damaged and rear glass shattered.  The bus stopped and knocked hard on our windows, we refused to go out for fear of being harassed, since there were more than ten of them surrounding us at that time, all looked very violent.  They demanded that we pay up, claiming that everybody in the bus saw that it was our fault.  Not only they asked us to pay, they refused to wait until the police arrived so we have no choice but to take their plate number and company name and went on to make a police report.

On the third day of Raya (Sunday), we had a family gathering which is like a tradition.  But more than 200 people turned up, friends included.  I was so surprised and over-whelmed by the amount of people. I spent most of the time preparing food because they weren’t enough, running around picking up dirty dishes and rubbish than entertain our guests, mostly people I haven’t seen in a very long time.  My so-called “contribution” was Laksa Utara that I can say I’m an expert at making it already by now!

 Anyway, by the time the last guest left at 11pm, I was so beat up that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

And then on that Tuesday, we had a thanksgiving prayer for my dad’s recovery from the heart attack.  It was a peaceful night where there was no chaos and no “not-enough food” crisis like the week before.
Then the final night I was there, I went for dinner with the girls.. that story will come in my next post!

Note: I have pictures but can only put it later.. I'm at work place using Fuji!!

17 September 2010


I know I owe you guys updates!

Wait! I haven't got the time (and the inspiration) to blog just yet.  Just got back to KL yesterday and although there was so many things happened in this KK trip and I am dying to share them with you, I just can't find the time (between laundry, Noah & unpacking).

Please bear with me a little, ok?

10 September 2010


Pic was taken at a company's function

Today is Hari Raya Aidilfitri.  I am not going to reflect on the meaning of today or what it should or should not represent.  I have spent many years doing just that when I was an innocent little girl.

I am just going to celebrate the fact that I can eat freely in public AGAIN!!!

To all my Muslim friends/readers, here's wishing you..




P/S: I realized that many people have been using different spellings on their Raya greetings i.e. Aidil becomes Eidul.  I wonder why? Glam factor? LOL!!

09 September 2010


Since I came back, I've been having soupy breakfast with dad everyday.  Fish head soup, tom yam at Janggut's etc.  All the things I want to eat when I come back.

However, since dad's health doesn't allow us to have ngiu chap, I will wait until after the Raya to get my hold on those yummylicious stuff.  That's one.

Another one, is Soto or Bakso.. I don't think I'll be able to have these too.. Unless somehow later this afternoon someone calls me to go out to have them!

But there is one thing that I've been drooling over since a friend mentioned it in Facebook yesterday!  The good ol' Penyaram/Penjaram!  Oh my God! I must get it today! Or else, I won't be able to have them until I return to KL... Must go to Pasar KK today to get some. Must. Go.

Photo credit & recipe 
Besides, I also take the contract of doing Laksa Utara this year, as part of the menu for our family gathering on Sunday.

Gotta go to the pasar now!

07 September 2010

Home for Raya

I am home again since Monday.  It feels so good to see dad again after the last time.. He does look so much better and healthier.  His appetite has improved tremendously!  I have never seen him finished a large bowl of fish head noodle before! And that's a good thing.

While I have spent the day meeting family members with berbuka puasa session, facial & hair treatment, someone back in Shah Alam has sold his car and purchased another one!

And before coming home, I managed to sell three condominium units.  Didn't realize selling over one million Ringgit worth of property can be so stressful & easy at the same time.  Stressful when you try to convince buyer that it's a good investment and easy when you have a boss who's forever helpful and can close the deal for you! Last week, I had to work everyday but it was a good experience if anything else.  I have confidence pushing the products to prospect now.

Anyway.....  I want to show off HOME MADE cookies courtesy of my mom, youngest sister and sister-in-law.. NEVER count on me to get involve!

Some in the oven!
The ever popular pineapple tart!

Sunflower seeds cookies.. something new

Some of the cookies..

And they're still baking as I'm typing this!

02 September 2010

Hypnotherapy & me: The Result

Even after the first ever session, I could feel the difference with myself.  I became calmer and relaxed.  Even Bo remarked how drastically I've changed.  So, we both thought it was money worth spent.  To you guys who asked me about the price, I really can't reveal because I am sure it'd be different, as your case and mine aren't the same.

The calmness I feel and the lesson I learned made me tackle things from different perspective.  Things that used to get me to boiling point now look like a joke!  The way I talked to people has improved.  Tremendously!  I actually understand situations better now that I am calmer!

Part of the deal I made with Julian was to have a session of couple hypnotherapy.  I know this may interest you! It was actually very interesting.  Both me and Bo sat facing each other and holding hands while both of us were hypnotized together at the same time. We were taken back to the times we first met and fell in love.  I could feel Bo squeezed my hands a few times.  When we opened our eyes, I wanted to cry because I felt like I was falling in love all over again.  It was exhausting though, maybe because there were excitements but it was so worth it! I never feel more loved.

And now, I have this crazy idea of doing hypnosis for Noah.. Apparently, you can do it to dogs too!