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31 October 2010

Pink Halloween - The party

Woah! Last night was great! We were surrounded by great friends, good food, awesome activities..

I decided to dress up as a cat since I found a pair of cat's ears, a tail and a bow from the party shop.  I went on Youtube to see how to do make-up for a cat and an hour and five different eyeliners later, voila! here's a cat for you!

Meow!! purrrr...
Good thing was everybody was sporting enough to come as a character!  We had a pirate, little devil, black angel, Chun Li gone crazy, Jason, That Scary movie guy, Edward Cullen etc etc.

 I'll let the pictures do the talking..

A cat, a lady's man, Bunny-angel, Edward Cullen, Devil, a pirate
We loved doing this!

Different pose - cute!

We had games which was all arranged by Zie

Prizes for games winners
Left-over food after the caterer gone

Meo voted best dressed Male

Mel voted Best Dressed Female




Biggest Winner for the night!

It was such a fun night, we ate, we drank and we played some games.  I didn't realize how much energy I put into laughing and chatting until everybody left at one am and I fell asleep soon as I hit the pillow.

Already I am finding excuse to throw another party!

I just love having friends around!

P/S: For more pictures, go to Facebook!

27 October 2010

The Kings & Queen

I've been wanting to blog about the Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia, of course I've been occupied with other stuffs (Halloween's this weekend, remember?)

So last Saturday after work, we made our ways to Plenary Hall KL Convention Centre to have dinner while waiting for the time.  Half an hour before the dinner, we went up to the entrance to get ready to go in and already the crowd built up to the point that it was hard to even make way to the ladies.

The show started with two guys rapping/performing the show's soundtrack.  If you want to listen to it, please go to this youtube video. And then Kumar came on stage, he was the host of the show.  He was hilarious!  First comedian was Douglas Lim (Malaysia) who sang the "Babi" song to Justin Bieber's Baby music, second was Vir Das (India) who I thought was kinda cute... third was Hung Le (Vietnam) who sounded Australian and kinda "dry" and the last one was Harith Iskandar (Malaysia) who I under-estimated to be not funny.  I thought he was funny but a bit too "trying too hard".  Kumar was still the most natural, effortlessly funny.

Outside the hall - taking picture with the bunting
since the real thing was nowhere to be found!

Nic, me, Cas & Cas' hubby

Shitty quality, I know..

All in all, I enjoyed the show thoroughly.. Never had I laughed so hard.  I even had to pass tissue to Bo twice because he was laughing so hard, he cried!

I really hope the organizer make this a yearly event with different stand up comedians just for the variety! Better still, get Russel Peters here!

25 October 2010

All for some chocolates!

It was a boring rainy afternoon last Friday and I was trying to get Fuji to work with WirelessKL when out of sudden, we heard scream and a man running towards the main road.  But he got caught by a big sized dude and was slammed onto the floor.  I heard loud thud even from inside the gallery.

Then in no time, this happened.

A very Malaysian thing to do! To watch and see what was happening, and all the while I could hear the guy's moan and groan.  My co-worker, Reubs was trying to be helpful but of course some other people beat him to the job and all he could do was to take some pictures!

What was the commotion, you asked?

This guy was caught because he shoplifted stuffs from the supermarket.  The stuffs are some chocolates! Some chocolates! Getting caught & beaten up for some chocolates!

Police came some five minutes later and asked the crowd what happened to him and all of them answered the guys fell off during the chase and hurt his back.

We suspected that he hurt his back real bad because he couldn't get up and when the police tried moving him into the petrol car, he was shouting in agony!

All for some chocolates!

I don't know whether to feel pity or ...?

Reubs said "Pity the bastard, the trouble he gets for just 10 bars of chocolate"

22 October 2010


Burlesque website

Do you like Burlesque? I'm talking about the dance that's been dubbed as "the art of teasing and seduction" .  Lucy & me love this! We used to chat about wanting to take up the lesson just so we can practice it on our men!

However, when I did my research, the nearest Burlesque class is in Melbourne! So, I had since opted to watching it online on Youtube.  Guess what!? Not working!

So when I found that this is coming out, I get excited.. I can't wait to get my hands on the DVD!

Bring on the Boa, furry slipper, corsets, anything Burlesque!  And the nails to go with the theme!

Bloggers SHAGS Gathering 2010

This is edited entry. Venue has been changed.

Got this from Gallivanter's blog.. It's a good way to meet people whose blog we've been reading all these times, and also to meet new ones!  

New VENUE: The Hill, Damansara Heights (it's on the same row as Jarrod & Rawlins, Aleeya and Courtyard Garden)

Here's the link to Google map. See you there!

20 October 2010

Prep & prop

I am so excited about the party decor for my Halloween party that everytime I'm out and about, I'll look out for party shops!

It'll be my first Halloween party and I have to start from '0'.  I have purchased balloons, skeletons, spider webs etc and have already started putting them up.

Anyway, just to preview a couple of the prop!

Next, I need to finalize on the menu.. So many to do, so little time

DIY Eyeball made from Table Tennis Ball


Ghoulish on the window that definitely will creep my neighbors out!

Good night!

19 October 2010

Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia

Kumar is coming!!!

Who's a fan? When Cas sent the e-flyer of  Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia, I was super excited.. Because I've been wanting to go see him perform in Singapore but never got the chance.  But now that he's coming to Malaysia, I will not miss it for anything! 

I even had to cancel on Adam Lambert's concert for this - budget issue :(

Anyway, here's intro to Kumar for those who don't know about him

For ticket to the show, go to ticketpro.

18 October 2010

Pink Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner!

I am throwing a small party for some friends at my apartment on the 30th. Reasons being 1) I just feel like getting some friends together, 2) I want to do a Pink breast cancer awareness party and 3) Just because!

So, without giving it much thought I decided on the theme Pink Halloween and colors are Pink & Black!

I'm thinking of becoming a kitty this year, but I have not found a perfect costume so I will only reveal what costume I'll be wearing after the party, ok? Actually, I'm more worried on Bo's costume and whether he wants to wear them or not!

So, I will be busy preparing for this party and I can't wait to share with you guys on my preps and props!!

15 October 2010

Dream at Fahrenheit88

Last Tuesday, I got this invitation from Body Shop for the launch of their new flagship store at Fahrenheit88, and also the launching of their new fragrance called Dream Unlimited ™.

Nicole and I made our way there after work and when we arrived, we were greeted by the Body Shop girls who gave us a purple rose corsage and a card for us to write our dreams for a chance to win some prizes.  We were also given RM88 worth of voucher to spend just on that night. There was also harp playing to serenade us away.

The Purple rose corsage 

The Parfum model

But what attracted us the most was the Tarot Reading table.  We had to wait a long time for our turn but when it was my turn, we had to delay a bit because the drumming started and we couldn’t hear each other. Cheryl, the clairvoyant was telling me how this reading is not for my future but more on what’s current.  She said my energy was so strong that she could feel my pain.  She was telling (not asking) the areas where I feel pain all the time. And she was right!  She also talked about some emotion and energy that I must re-direct to be able to get the thing I really want in life. 

Tarot Reading Counter
My card 

Nicole's card

After the tarot card session, we made our way to the store to spend off the RM88 voucher we got earlier.  I got myself a Seaweed range Traveler’s set, Japanese Cherry Blossom bath gel, a lily bud and a bath glove. All this I paid for RM67.80 only because of the RM88 voucher!

Picture with Datuk Marina Mahathir -
I really idolize this lady, such a simple person

This is what I got for RM67.80 

Goodies Bag contains:-
A recycle bag, Dream Unlimited Bath Gel, T-shirt made 100% organic by Melinda Looi

This Postcard with poem is in the T-shirt... Nice right?

At the cashier counter also, we received our goodies bag.  According to the Body Shop SA, they give it away at the counter because they want people to spend! How smart!

14 October 2010

Pink Shopping!

Last Tuesday night was the Pink Shopping Night, Nicole and me decided to watch Eat Pray Love before that so we went to Midvalley about 3 hours earlier.  When the movie was finished, the time was just nice for us to make our way from The Gardens to Midvalley.  But when we arrived there, we were shocked to see the amount of people lining up to get the goodies bag & cupcake!

Look at the amount of people.. and this barely half!

Goodies Bag! Hundreds of them!

Luckily, we have HSBC credit cards so we got to go to a shorter line, only five people ahead of us!

Anyway, once we collected Cupcake & Goodies Bag, we went straight to business! Shopping!

Nicole at Guess - 20% off storewide!

When we were busy shopping, we missed the performance and Mob flash dance by APL Publication staffs.

Because we spent, we get to Spin-The-Pink-Wheel, both of us got to spin three times. I got to spin more actually because I hit the same spot twice and they gave me another chance to win other things! Nice!

So let's see what we got...

Goodies Bag
Contains:- Recipe books, Cleo keyring, lanyard, vouchers, hair conditioner, Magiclean duster, Laura Mercier Honey Bath, Harper's Bazaar clear pouch and lotsa face blotters by Empro! This is one heavy goodies bag! 
Won this beauty hamper from Spin-The-Pink-Wheel

Contains Guardian's products - smells so sweet!

Also from the hamper.. what's with the facial blotter?

These are the other two winnings from S-T-P-W, a lipstick from Shiseido and Laura Mercier Mineral Powder.

Cupcakes from Secret Recipe!

I spent around RM300 to get some intimates and tops and though it isn't so much, I feel good about contributing and taking part for good cause!

Besides, the stuff I brought home definitely cost much more than that!

Showing off my Pink t-shirt I got from
NKOTB concert in London last year.
I knew this will be worn over and over again!

Nic & me at Delicious

Before we head home, we went for a drink at Delicious... Service sucks.. not a good note to end a fantastic night..