Celebrating love in Singapore.


What did I do in Singapore? Shop, gamble, eat, walk, dance a bit, and a lot of laughter and crazy antics along the way!

Orchard Road was always like that, except one or two new malls that weren't there the last time I went.  One of the main reasons for me to come to Singapore was to look for my make-up and I got to find from GA boutique manager that they are not available in all over Asia, well except maybe in Hong Kong or Tokyo!

But my sadness and disappointment didn't live long.  The moment we stepped into Marina Bay Sands, I was blown away by the stores! Chanel is 3-storey wide and they have La Perla here! Of course, our main objective to come here was the casino.. in which, after losing the first SGD14, I won SGD33!

What greeted us as we stepped out of Marina Bay on our way back was spectacular! They were having some spring festival and there was this waterscreen projection video that was so beautiful.


I got back to KL on Tuesday super exhausted and with muscle ache but had great time.  I truly enjoyed myself especially with close friends and Bo around for four days.

I'll do a post on Eric Clapton's concert later.  In the meantime, these are some pictures from the trip.

The vessel shaped Marina Sands behind me

By the quay

This what greeted us as we stepped out

Enjoying the fireworks


Snaky snake!

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3 comment

  1. the show you were referring that has water screen projected...i saw it on one of my blog buddy album who went there recently too. and yes, it was indeed mesmerizing (judging from his pic)...

  2. 33 dollars pun bangga/happy sdh ba kan...hehhee