East Coast trip


The idea of going to Dungun to celebrate CNY with a friend's family came about casually right after the Christmas & NY holidays, little did I know it would turn out to be materialized! And what fun we had!

We started our journey at mid day, stopping at R&Rs for lunch and coffee break and then ended up arriving in Dungun at close to 10pm! About six hours journey altogether.  And we were so exhausted and hungry that all we thought  about when we arrived were dinner and bed!  However, as soon as we stepped out of the car when we reached  the hotel, the sea breeze was too strong that it felt as if it penetrated through to our bones!

We stayed at a resort called Mayang Sari and it's located right in front of the sea.  We took a 4-bedrooms garden villa and shared between the ten of us.  It's not luxurious but it's still comfortable.

We had so much fun going around Dungun town with most of the activities involved eating and cam-whoring!

What are the dots? Supernatural?
This is our villa at Mayang Sari
Waiting to go for an open house

The morning of CNY, donning our red & Chinese outfits

A visit to Tanjong Jara Resort
We took the chance to take this at
Tanjong Jara Resort private beach

At one of the beaches we visited - scenic background
for pre-wedding pictures!

One of the food outings
Superb food gained me 2kg!

It was my first time in Dungun.  One thing that I'm still amazed at (in good way) is that at the Chinese New Year open houses we went, all the food served was of Malay's tradition i.e Nasi Minyak, Nasi Kuning etc.. You can't find that in KL!

And that gorgeous Tanjong Jara Resort, I'd like to return with that special someone one day!  That is when I can afford it! Room rate starts at USD450 per room per night!

Although I couldn't go back to KK to celebrate CNY, I felt like having family around with this bunch of great friends! 

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7 comment

  1. Wow! nice Cheongsam you got there. (^^)

  2. I can feel the excitement you guys were having there. Your cheongsam is so beautiful, I love it! ^_^

  3. best... great trip...

    and.. supernatural?? may be lens camera kotor??? Oh habuk on the air captured by lens.. ^_^

  4. Wow! Happening juga trip kamu kan moi? It's good to do trips like this with people yang ngam citarasa hehe. And yes, your cheongsam is nice.

    p/s the dots on the photos, they are called orbs. :)

  5. I like the cheongsam too :)
    Punya syok the trip...semua click ba kan :)

  6. yeah~ the outing is so nice~ and you look so pretty mimi~

  7. Thanks girls for the compliments..

    Carol, ya.. some people told me they're orbs! Bikin takut.. hehehe