Baroque Bon-Bons at MPO


The last time I went to watch an orchestra was more than ten years ago back in KK.  It was a group of young Asian students from New York. I didn't think I'd go to watch another one.

Last week I stepped into Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, KLCC for the first time.  Frankly speaking, we bought the ticket just so that we could see how it looks like inside, well none of us really were classical music fan, or at least I know I'm not.

But for the sake of experience, we purchased the RM40 ticket and anticipated excitedly! The show we decided on was Baroque Bon-Bons led by Stephen Layton, apparently the show was his debut in KL.

Photo source 

Photo Source

Read the dress code - strict!

Too bad, no recording of any sort was allowed in the hall.  So all I can share is image I googled.

Surprisingly the concert was very moving indeed, I could feel the emotion. The two and half hour went by fast.  The voice of the soprano, Elin Manahan Thomas was amazing!

I can say, I really don't mind another one in the future.

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  1. sanggup ya mi.. gara2 mau tengok the hall saja.. gud thing you like.. ^_^