Birthday Present!


I was about to start writing on my recent KK trip when I realized that I have not much to share.  The trip was too short and I barely did anything fun-worthy.  Most of the time was spent with family just catching up on the usual stuffs, apart from the picnic at Karambunai Lagoon and a trip to my dad's side of our relatives on the first day of Raya, and the birth of my long awaited nephew.

So, I decided to write about what Bo decided to give me for my birthday this year.  I know it's a little old news but I can't help but share it with you! This year, we decided on a Blackberry Playbook, something that I've been waiting for since I think a year ago.  With everybody raving about iPad, I was so close to getting one too, but knowing that sooner or later, Playbook will be launched in Malaysia, I waited patiently.

So my birthday was the perfect reason (or rather, excuse) for him to get me one.. Fuji can now retire for good!

I like the size!

Red cover to match my purses!

A lot of people asked me what's the difference between iPad or Samsung Tab and Playbook. Honestly, I wouldn't know.  This is a confession of a crackberry;  I do not take any interest in any other brands, therefore I do not read their reviews. But I read somewhere that PB is the only tablet that doesn't require a SIM card and that it has built-in flash.. Not sure if that's the plus point but since I also read that PB syncs with my BlackBerry Smartphone (BBM, Messages, Tasks, Calendars, Photos etc), I knew I had to get one.  Little did I know most of the apps actually work better with BB with OS 7 and above so what did I have to do? Get a new BB smartphone! So I got myself the latest, slimmest BB Bold 9900 that has qwerty and touchscreen feature.  Addicted much?

And since I lost the weight and made a promise to myself to buy something nice, I decided to get a pair of gorgeous heels from Sergio Rossi.

Since this has cost me more than I could actually afford, no more nice dinner until I get my credit card bills back on track!

Plum lizard print pump
don't you just love the sporty shoe lace details?

A favorite for work since it's so comfy!

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7 comment

  1. Haha! I too, dont read reviews prior getting my iphone or did any comparison with other smart phones. But im glad that im liking it very much despite some ppl saying Apple's too strict about its apps and such.

    Tapi tu stiletto jugalah yang menang Mi. I like the color and its lizard pattern. If only my work doesn't require me to stand too long, I would get a sky high heels like that as well. :)

  2. If anyone would give me a tablet, the brand doesn't really matter anymore, haha.

    Nice shoes btw :D

  3. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. hehehe

  4. Carol, you'd be surprised to know I am mostly on my feet at work too and this babes are so comfy, it feels like I'm walking on air!

    Dan, betul tu.. kalau dapat free, siapa ndak mau kan?

    eric, tq!

    Rose, I love it too! thanks for visiting..

  5. Wow cool gift from the hubby and gorgeous shoes Mimi!!

  6. this is such an awesome gift hihihi... you make me thinking for a while about the playbook.. hahahha... I am gonna get an Ipad for me.. Mmm... have to see some reviews 1st lah ni.. :)

    and... nice shoessss!!!! ^_^