I'm still around


I know it's been more than a month since I last blogged.  Time is a luxury I can't afford at this time.

In the last month, I have turned 34 (hopefully I can blog about this soon) and have gone back to KK for the long holiday (will try to blog about this too).  Even during the holidays, my intentions of meeting up with friends and going to the island had to be cancelled.

But I have a very good news! My cousin who had been trying to conceive for the last ten years has finally gave birth to a very beautiful baby boy.  The parents were proud, and the whole family was over the moon.  I am so happy that right after I came back from KK, I straight away booked another ticket to go back for the baby's full moon celebration.

Say hello to Andrea Isaac Lawrence!

I can't wait to go back and hold this baby when he's a month older next month!

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4 comment

  1. I was waiting for you to 'sound2' juga bah tu while u're in kk...manatau mau bawa pi island...but i guess next time lagi lah kan moi.

    Congrats to your cousin. Somehow this news also give me some kind of support for the on going making baby effort. :)

  2. Hi Mimi..Ya lama no updates from u but I could see that you were very busy :) Si Bibing pun balik KK for a few months kan? Heran dia tu hari my other friend called her Bibing :P Bah, hope to read more of your updates soon.

    Btw, your cousin's baby is a gem. Congrats to her :)

  3. Dropping by to say Hi~ haha sounds like first time visit pula.

    Ingatkan menghilang sudah si Mimi.

    Congrats to the newborn!

  4. Congrats to your cuzzie...is this the same person u were talking about that day?