You know I've always been jealous of those of you who can get Astro Beyond because I stay in an apartment and all 100+ units shared the same satellite dish, which means I can't get the "black dish" for Beyond.

Thank God Astro came up with Astro Beyond IPTV, and when I found out about this, I signed up right away.

I can now enjoy AXN Beyond!

Yeay! Finally!
Even with camera phone, it's still very sharp!

So people like me, who stays in an apartment.. Go get your Astro IPTV now. It uses the Fibre Optic internet connection so there's no disturbance even when it's raining cats & dogs! And super fast internet connection too!

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3 comment

  1. Hubby changed ours too, but I don't really bother to know what kind it is. Hehe! We have all the channels but Astro Beyond. ;p One good thing about it is, like you said, there's no disturbance even on rainy days!

  2. owh iptv uses internet signal ka? first time i heard about apartments using same satellite dish ni.

    after subscribing to beyond, watching astro w/o HD feels like watching TV1 20 years ago. hahaha!

  3. this is super cool... will check out on this.. thanks mi..