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23 February 2011

What's new, pussycat?

Yup! What's new, pussycat?

First of all, I have news to share.. I have accepted another job offer elsewhere and left my previous employment.  It's not that it wasn't a good job, I especially loved the flexible working days but this new one, it's a job I couldn't resist! So Goodbye! free time on weekdays and Hello! steady income.

My new job is with an investment bank and I'll be working at the back of front office.  Guess what, my new office is going to be just five minutes walk away from Pavilion! Hello and Goodbye steady income!  I have started my training and orientation with the head quarters office and I must say, I enjoyed every moment of it. Though a little lost at first (I have absolutely no "financial" background"), I must say I am growing fond of the job description.. My attention to details really come in handy.

And with the new job, I am also moving to a new apartment.  A serviced apartment, that is.  It's just five-to-ten minutes drive from KL downtown (minus the traffic) and I'm sure my visiting family will love it.  Although I am reducing in terms of apartment size, and increasing in rental cost, it'll be so worth it.  I just know.  I will be moving over the weekend and I just can't wait.

So, that's what's new with me..  I can't wait to settle everything into the new house and be done with it.. Because the moving is really stressing me out right now.  Thank God for moving companies!

This is my new place

Pic courtesy of 88DB

20 February 2011

Eric Clapton World Tour

To some, Eric Clapton is like a God! To me, he's a God-sent to music world.  When I received the mailer from Lushington about him coming to Singapore, I wasted no time to buy the tickets for Bo & me.  First, because Bo is his big fan, and second because it fell nicely on Valentine's Day, what better gift can I present to him?

We arrived at the Indoor Stadium an hour earlier, because from past experience, we knew how crowded it was going to be.  We bought a T-shirt for Bo (something that he likes to collect at concerts) and got ourselves two beers and waited at the entrance.  As we were sitting enjoying our beer, we heard commotion coming out from the VIP entrance next to us.  I saw a bunch of paparazzi fighting their ways to take pictures and videos of someone obviously famous but we didn't know who.  The security guards were so rough that some of them fell off.  Later, we got to know that it was the son of a Korean president.

Anyway, we went inside and sat for fifteen minutes before the light went off and Eric Clapton came on the stage. And without any word, he started singing his first song for the night.  In fact, they only word he said all throughout the show was "thank you".  Nothing like the other artists we saw before.

I am not really a big fan of Eric Clapton and I don't know many of his songs, apart from those popular ballads.  So naturally, I just sat there and listen and try to stay awake the whole night, while Bo was so excited with each and every song.  But seeing his excitement was enough to make me happy, the concert tickets were worth it!

Here are pictures from the concert;

Got the tickets ready!

Tired but excited to see Eric Clapton live!

People starting coming in

Straight down to business

Doing his thing!

He looked so much older, don't you think?

Look Ma, No chin!!

Background vocals

His white fender

Everybody was recording away!

This is how he rest.. it was a non-stop performance

Spot the dancers!

Time to say Goodbye
As they were leaving the stage..

I took a couple of videos, but it's shitty, old camera.. what can I do!

Wonderful Tonight

I Shot The Sheriff

Next, Michael Buble Live in Malaysia! 

17 February 2011

Celebrating love in Singapore.

What did I do in Singapore? Shop, gamble, eat, walk, dance a bit, and a lot of laughter and crazy antics along the way!

Orchard Road was always like that, except one or two new malls that weren't there the last time I went.  One of the main reasons for me to come to Singapore was to look for my make-up and I got to find from GA boutique manager that they are not available in all over Asia, well except maybe in Hong Kong or Tokyo!

But my sadness and disappointment didn't live long.  The moment we stepped into Marina Bay Sands, I was blown away by the stores! Chanel is 3-storey wide and they have La Perla here! Of course, our main objective to come here was the casino.. in which, after losing the first SGD14, I won SGD33!

What greeted us as we stepped out of Marina Bay on our way back was spectacular! They were having some spring festival and there was this waterscreen projection video that was so beautiful.


I got back to KL on Tuesday super exhausted and with muscle ache but had great time.  I truly enjoyed myself especially with close friends and Bo around for four days.

I'll do a post on Eric Clapton's concert later.  In the meantime, these are some pictures from the trip.

The vessel shaped Marina Sands behind me

By the quay

This what greeted us as we stepped out

Enjoying the fireworks


Snaky snake!

11 February 2011

East Coast trip

The idea of going to Dungun to celebrate CNY with a friend's family came about casually right after the Christmas & NY holidays, little did I know it would turn out to be materialized! And what fun we had!

We started our journey at mid day, stopping at R&Rs for lunch and coffee break and then ended up arriving in Dungun at close to 10pm! About six hours journey altogether.  And we were so exhausted and hungry that all we thought  about when we arrived were dinner and bed!  However, as soon as we stepped out of the car when we reached  the hotel, the sea breeze was too strong that it felt as if it penetrated through to our bones!

We stayed at a resort called Mayang Sari and it's located right in front of the sea.  We took a 4-bedrooms garden villa and shared between the ten of us.  It's not luxurious but it's still comfortable.

We had so much fun going around Dungun town with most of the activities involved eating and cam-whoring!

What are the dots? Supernatural?
This is our villa at Mayang Sari
Waiting to go for an open house

The morning of CNY, donning our red & Chinese outfits

A visit to Tanjong Jara Resort
We took the chance to take this at
Tanjong Jara Resort private beach

At one of the beaches we visited - scenic background
for pre-wedding pictures!

One of the food outings
Superb food gained me 2kg!

It was my first time in Dungun.  One thing that I'm still amazed at (in good way) is that at the Chinese New Year open houses we went, all the food served was of Malay's tradition i.e Nasi Minyak, Nasi Kuning etc.. You can't find that in KL!

And that gorgeous Tanjong Jara Resort, I'd like to return with that special someone one day!  That is when I can afford it! Room rate starts at USD450 per room per night!

Although I couldn't go back to KK to celebrate CNY, I felt like having family around with this bunch of great friends! 

10 February 2011

Valentine's Concert

I wanted to write about my Chinese New Year trip to Dungun... But I'd need a long time to compose that and time is what I don't have right now.  It's already been a week and I have so many pictures to share (if you haven't seen it on FB yet, that is)

This past one week, I have been busy sorting out the "puzzles pieces" and putting them together.. So I have made some serious decisions and I will share them in due time.

In the meantime, St. Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Regardless of whether it's banned in Islam (?) or they'll be some "Immorality Checks" to be carried out by some opposition states authority, I'll not stop celebrating it.  Why ban a celebration of love? I fail to understand.. Some people wants to show authority in really weird and funny ways.

And I will be celebrating in not so traditional way this year,  we'll be going to Eric Clapton's concert in Singapore!  That's my treat to Bo because he loves his music live and loud!  Apart from that, I'll be making the trip with a few other friends because I personally believe Valentine's Day are to be celebrated with people you love, not an excuse to do "Immorality Checks".