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22 March 2011

Buble in Malaysia

I hardly have time to blog anymore! Internet at home is still not up yet (Doesn't TM give the slowest service ever?) and now that I've gotten the hang of things in my workplace, there's no more free time to browse facebook, twitter etc, leave alone blog!

And with all the things that happening around: moving, family visiting, Bo's losing of family member, and what not..  it's impossible to spend time for blogging.

However, I do feel obliged to be telling you guys about Michael Buble concert.

Everybody knows he's a cute, clean cut crooner and that, his music is boring to some youngsters.  Initially, I was contemplating whether I should be going or not.  I'm not hard-core Buble fan and also the ticket price was crazy! Starts at RM250, with only 15% Enrich discount, it's still expensive. But, my brother insisted that we go and he was willing to buy the tickets for me, Bo, himself & his wife..

Here's some pictures from the night.

The venue

The tickets

Posing with the poster

Nice touch!
Me & my SIL on our way in a limo

At RM250, this was our view

At least Buble changed position once

Buble was actually very funny, but the sound system and the air-conditioning system in Stadium Malawati were really bad! BAD! You can also tell that the organizer has little if any, experience in doing this sort & size of event.

Now, I'm contemplating on whether I should be going to Maroon 5 concert... I haven't got the tickets yet and with the frustration from this one still fresh, I'm not so sure...

09 March 2011

Michael Buble weekend

I'm excited about this weekend! My brother and his wife are coming down to KL for a couple of nights.  They are actually on their way to Bali for their long overdue honeymoon trip to Bali and also to catch Michael Buble live in concert.

pic from

I'm so loving this year's acts that are coming to Malaysia (and also Singapore). Next month, it'll be Maroon 5, and I'm definitely going, and Bo is so sweet for wanting to tag along to this.  He's not a modern music guy, you see.

Pic taken from TimeOutKL

On another note, my internet access at home is not done up yet and I still have some stuffs from the storage that I need to take out slowly and re-arrange in the new house.  And speaking of which, I am currently in love with my new apartment.  Some friends visited and they loved it too.  It looks and feels like staying in a hotel, according to them.  Once everything's settled, I'll take pictures and show it off.

07 March 2011

Miss me yet?

Woah! I can't even remember the last time I blogged... Well, it wasn't that long ago.. It just feels like it.

So, I've moved to a new apartment and have just settled in, albeit not completely.  The audio & video system, internet (thinking of changing to Unifi) and telephone line aren't done yet and may take another week or two.

And it so happen that my workplace is under construction too.  So in the last week, I was without computer.  In a staff meeting, I requested if I can bring my laptop to work and guess what? I'm typing Fuji now!

I have not much to update right now. Except that I'm stealing this time after office hour to blog and also to pass the time or rather the traffic congestion outside.  After all, I am now located at central business district of KL!

Small space, bulky furniture

A moving progress
I'm not sure whether this is the second or third time I blogged about moving.. Because, I've moved so many times in the last years, even I lost count!

Anyway, my "dilemma" is now fitting so many stuffs into a small space. We're talking about half of my previous apartment's size!