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26 April 2011

Saving Blacky

Last Thursday as I started my car engine to go to work, I heard loud meowing sound coming from somewhere around the parking area.  I looked but couldn't see where the cat was hiding.  So, I left.

After work, I picked Bo up for a dinner downtown and after we parked the car, again we heard the meowing sound.. This time it was louder! As if the cat was in so much pain or hunger.

We looked and looked.. It was raining and there's no "hidden" area on the ceiling so it can't be there.  We wanted to leave but the sound became so much like the kitty was in so much pain.  We just couldn't leave it.  So we looked and looked again.  And finally we found where the sound was coming from.. Under a car! Parked right next to us.

We tried to get the kitty out ourselves but the bumper was too broad and it was impossible to go under the car.  We called the building management to come help but apparently, saving a cat is not important to them.  So, we had no choice but to call professional help.  Jabatan Pertahanan Awam came to the rescue some ten minutes later, and within half an hour, the kitty was released from the car's undercarriage.  It was a small kitty with big head.. According to the kitty savior, his head was stuck in between something something under there.
We had to call professional!

Poor kitty probably hadn't had anything to eat since the last 48 hours.  So I went downstairs to buy some cat food but I guess he was too traumatized because he refused it. Bo was sweet enough to adopt the kitty and we named him Blacky...

11 April 2011

I'm still around

Woah! I haven't blogged about anything at all since last month. Lots of things happened but I really couldn't find time to blog about them.. And TM still hasn't come to my place to fix my phone & internet line! Can you believe it?  It's been a month, for God's sake!

As much as I want to talk about something, I shouldn't be stealing office hour to do so.. So until I resolve my issue with TM, it's just gonna be a quick blog hopping and very very short post.

Besides, I've taken on a project with the company that may rip any time off that I have off of me.. Until then.