New Year Eve


It's two weeks into 2012 and I've been meaning to blog about my new year's eve.. So here goes.. Better be late than never!

I didn't really have a specific plan to celebrate new year.  Since I was back in KK and was going back to KL on the 1st January, the last thing I want is to travel with hangover.  Believe me, it's not good.  So drinking the night away was out of the question.

So I decided at the last minute that I'd better be with the family; barbecue & gambling at my grandma's.

But before that, a friend wanted to send some food to a care center for the disabled people in Penampang. What noble thing to do so I tagged along. We brought food from McDonald's and I got ice creams for them.  We spent a little more time with them before we left for grandma's.

Tolumis - help them when you can.
With one of the residents, her name is Amanda. Isn't she a cutie?

They're enjoying the McDonald's we delivered!
What a nice way to end 2011! I truly feel like it's a good conclusion to a very good year indeed!

So I didn't have time to go back and shower, I thought what for since there'd be barbecue and I'd still be smelled of smoke anyway. We had the biggest fresh water prawn I've ever seen in my life and it was so fresh and sweet!

And since the kids wanted to go to the river at midnight, I was asked to inflate a huge floater with just air in my lung!

It was a miracle I didn't pass out!
I left to go home with dad at 15 minutes before the countdown began and had shower at home at exactly 12am and went straight to bed!

Not before I sent some new year wishes to some friends!

"Cheers to a fabulous new year, and to the one we just had"

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2 comment

  1. Adui terliur sa nampak tu grilled prawn woh!! punya besar. Owh the visit to Tolumis that was sweet and very thoughtful....

  2. moi where is this centre? mana tau when im free can dropby there :)